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Dear Zombie Ann Landers

February 15th, 2009 . by Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist)

There is someone I used to know who has looked me up on a social network site and wants to add me as a friend.  While we were friendly, I wouldn’t characterize us as having been friends; it would be more fair to call us “amicable associates”.

The real rub, Zombie Ann, is that I sometimes talk about actual personal stuff on this social network; the sort of stuff that I wouldn’t talk about in public, with “work buddies” who aren’t also “actual friends”, or with friends-of-friends.  As such, I don’t feel comfortable accepting this friend request and letting this person into my private affairs.  On the other hand, this person is quite nice, was always friendly, and may feel insulted or snubbed if I reject/ignore the friend request.

What should I do?


Friendly Friend of a Friendly Friend

9 Responses to “Dear Zombie Ann Landers”

  1. Zombie Ann LandersNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Friendly,



    Warm Regards,

    Zombie Ann


  2. TonyNo Gravatar Says:

    In all seriousness, I’m honestly very surprised that both Tim and Noah have accepted me as friends on one social networking site.
    Ignore it, and if pressured, just say you never received the request. Both major networking sites have been so flaky lately, it’s a good excuse. 🙂

  3. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    I say add her but tweak the privacy settings so she can only see certain stuff. I believe they call it limited profile.

  4. Mike (TANcast's #1 Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Noah’s answer sounds good… so does Tony’s. Personally…. I have multiple accounts. One for just… whoever, and one for people I’m close to and can share the personal stuff with. That way, people don’t get offended, because I keep the two profiles separated. If that’s too much work… go with Tony’s answer.

  5. Bryce (Tancasts #3 Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    I think a SHAMWOW! would take care of this and any other situation.

    (infomercials are creepy)

  6. PatriceNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m loving Bryce’s suggestion. My vote is for the SHAMWOW!

  7. MorrisNo Gravatar Says:

    just hope that you dont get friended by someone like the douche that outted Micheal Phelps….

  8. DeanNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Amicable Associate,

    Don’t let Andy’s IP address hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

  9. Murray (TANcast's #1 Aussie fan)No Gravatar Says:

    I use individualised privacy settings quite a bit, but on Facebook, photos and videos are easy to hide, but there seems to be fewer options to hide text from “friends”.

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