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Get in the Zone…The Friend Zone!

October 26th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 26

So far this month, I’ve shared a lot of embarrassing letters I’ve written. So today I’m going to share an embarrassing letter someone wrote to me. It’s not embarrassing in the same way, the person who wrote it won’t cringe, but it does shine a spotlight on what a little weiner I was back in the day.

This letter is from a lady I had a huge crush on. At the time I thought everybody but her could see it. In retrospect, she probably did see it, was flattered by the attention, but didn’t feel the same. Amazingly, I’ve actually found myself in that position since then…so I know there’s no graceful way out…but THIS is a card she sent me on Valentine’s Day:


Yes…she put “Friends” in bold letters at the top. As in, “Take. A. Hint.”

Tim, a true friend
I am not sure what to say

Because, “Forget any hopes you have of ever seeing me naked,” seems a little harsh for Valentine’s Day.

A reminder of who you are to me
You fill my life with glee
With smiles and laughter of true bliss
It is our friendship kiss

Aw, c’mon! Don’t use the word “kiss” in this little note. You KNOW young Tim didn’t see anything else but that right? He probably didn’t even notice that you started rhyming suddenly and will stop rhyming just as suddenly…

Thank you for the wonderful person you are to me. Like I said before, you were there when I needed someone. I hope one day I can return the same kind of friendship to you.

“She totally wants to kiss me” -Young Tim

This story has a nice ending, though. I noticed it was sent on February 12, 2001. A little over a month later, I would have my first kiss with the woman who is now my lovely wife.

So to any of the young guys reading this trapped in your own private friend-zone hell…don’t give up hope. You WILL be free. “Never give up. Never surrender!”

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