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About Andy


… is a strange, angry, fat man from California who seems to live in Georgia by mistake.

… believes in the United States Constitution the way children believe in Santa Claus: Wholeheartedly, despite every sign that it doesn’t exist.

… thinks government should be a collective tool of all the people, existing to achieve public good that is too important to leave to charity and which self-interested corporations cannot be trusted to pursue.

… has learned that, given enough time, everyone will disappoint you.  Especially you yourself.

… sometimes wishes he was in a rock band.

… values his privacy and anonymity.

… thinks the definition of “being an adult” is up for debate.

… invented the “Frogarita”.

… understood what being a parent means the day he worried more about someone else’s poop than his own.

… has a MySpace profile he doesn’t update.

… rarely used to Tweet, but then he got his awesome iPhone 3G.

… hates everyone.

loves you all.

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