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TANcast 332 – I’m Inordinately Happy for a Straight Guy Who’s Already Married

Posted on June 29th, 2015 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week, the boys talk about the recent US Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality and health care. Then they review the movies John Wick and Jurassic World. 00:00 – 01:01 Preshow Jibber Jabber 01:01 – 02:19 Intro 02:19 – 12:36 TANlaughs (Listener submitted jokes) 12:36 – 30:28 How the F*** Was Everyone’s Week? 30:28 […]

TANcast 281 – Qumph

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week the boys defend Stephen Colbert, the new Mozilla CEO, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Then it’s Gigli vs. Da Hip Hop Witch in another round of the “Worst. Movie. Ever. Tournament.” 00:00 – 01:53 Pre show 01:53 – 05:22 Intro 05:22 – 25:29 How the #$%* was your week? [23:57 – 24:25 Iron Man 3 […]

Supporting Gay Marriage…For Real

Posted on March 29th, 2013 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

I’m happy to say that I’m going to my first gay wedding tomorrow. Well, technically I have to work during the ceremony, so I only get to go to the gay reception. Still I’m very happy to stand with my friends as they celebrate their love and their commitment to spending their lives together. Sadly, […]

Gay Marriage…Why Do I care?

Posted on August 4th, 2010 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Uh oh…it’s gonna be one of THOSE blogs from Babb. Today in California, the ban on gay marriage was overturned by a federal judge. This makes me very happy. Although I don’t know why… Girls kissing…hmmmmm good start, but not the answer. The decision is likely to be appealed which could take it all the […]

Hey Right Wing, I Just Don’t Get You

Posted on September 4th, 2009 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

30 Days and 30 Blogs: Day 4 Let me start off by saying that if you hate name-calling rants filled with sarcasm and cheap pot shots…this blog is not for you. I’m fairly well informed and I do have a point under all this…but mostly this is my time to say, “Fuck off, right wing […]

TANcast 054 – New Babb Flab Soap

Posted on June 15th, 2009 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week’s episode features Dane Cook ruining T&A, the Konami Code, needlessly hostile movie reviews (Star Trek, Dark Knight, Batman 1989, Sahara 1943, I Want to Live, Stand By Me, Disney’s Earth, Dune, the Highlander series), Toaster Ovens taking on Microwaves, house shopping in California vs Georgia, Car Talk from Tim, The Great Pee Chee […]

Prop 8 WTF?!!

Posted on May 27th, 2009 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

For those of you who haven’t heard, the California Supreme Court upheld the ban on same sex marriage today. So I was at a bar tonight waiting for a show to start and one of the TV’s had a news show won where supporters of Prop 8 were speaking. I have spent the last hour […]

TANcast 044 – The TANcast Drinking Game

Posted on April 5th, 2009 by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts. Listener discretion is advised. This week the boys fight sleepiness to bring you another magical/musical show touching on such wild and wacky topics as: Wild At Heart, Mtv’s website, Fast and Furious, Rockwell, Iggy Pop, Prince, gay marriage in Iowa, KFC, Quiznos, Panda Express, Twitter, Noah’s […]