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Ok Guys, Help Me Out Here

October 29th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 29

A comic friend of mine posted a link to an Anti-Obama group on Facebook. It was chalk full of great images like the one above. But the insane images were only the tip of the crazy iceberg. It’s the comments that really let you know the kind of people you’re dealing with…

I’m tired of you Obama zombie IDIOTS that think he has ANYTHING good to offer America!!!! He is a Muslim and a Socialist!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t agree, SUCK IT!!!

I mean, clearly that person is ready to start a reasoned debate on how best to address our nation’s many complex issues. The problem is, this is what the people on the left think you all believe. These cartoonish nut bars are acting as your spokesmen. Not becasue they represent you well, but just because they’re loud and constant.

So here’s my question…where is this on the other side? I assume right wing folk must see a caricature of what the left thinks and be appalled by it. I want to see that. I want to know what the left is bringing to the crazy table. I imagine there’s some left wing crazies out there, but they’re really going to have to up thier game if they want to compete with the likes of…

By the next election, we’ll live in Amerika. It’ll be too late to change things. Our guns will be taken away…..Our military could have saved our country, but they refused. They still could, but it’s pretty much been taken over by the Muslims & Satanists. SOON Jesus will call His bride out, then He’s going to pout out His wrath on this evil, unrepentant world.

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