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Captain Islam

October 24th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 24

I posted this picture on Facebook a few hours ago…

It’s from a Facebok page called “Shares From Your Aunt” that posts saterical images like that that LOOK like something a “crazy aunt” would share on Facebook.

I didn’t know that was where it was from I just saw the image and thought, “Which one of my idiot ‘friends’ thinks this is real?” Then I looked at the comments and realized it was a joke. So, of course I decided to troll all my friends with it and I got a few of ’em…

Is this fucking real? Someone really wrote that? He doesn’t even look like he’s doing anything Muslim like. WTF?!!?

So terrorists are infiltrating Hollywood and using actors now for take us down?! The caption should’ve been “Captain America: Taking Down America!” I can’t even believe this is going around, I bet this is from a Dooms Day prepper

Pretty sure that when true islamic people pray, they do not stand up. Also, they usually make sure that their area is clean. So to me, this is not plausable

What the blistering fuck.

So, ha ha…I tricked a few people. I’m a Mysterious Andy in training. But then it got me thinking…why were we (myself included) so quick to believe this?

Whenever I see one of those BS “fact check” posts about Obamacare, I google the true facts and set the person straight. Because I can tell that the issue is being misrepresented. But someone posts a “check out what these redneck idiots believe” meme and I take it at face value.

Maybe I should spend as much time questioning things that fit my world view as I do questioning things that don’t.

…oh wait. YouTube videos…gotta go

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