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TGIF: (These Guys Is Funny) The Drinking Buddies

November 3rd, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 31:

As a comedian, I run into some really funny people. Every so often I meet a comedian that I enjoy so much that I want the world to know. So during this blog-filled October (Blogtober), I’ll be highlighting a wonderful comic each Friday (or in this case the following Wednesday…when it’s not even October anymore) in a feature called TGIF: (This Guy/Gal Is Funny). These won’t be long essays or anything, just a little recommendation on some people to go to when you want to laugh. This week, I want to draw your attention to Chris Adams and Jerry Brandt.

If you listen to TANcast at all (and why would you?) you’ve heard of both of these funny gents. They host the Drinking Buddies show Wednesday nights at 10pm Pacific Time on KBEACH.org. But before they were podcasters they were comics…and while they are podcasters, they are also comics…and I imagine long after they are podcasters they will still be comics.

Chris doesn’t know it, but he is one of the first comics I met when I moved to LA. I hadn’t been in town very long and I was seeking out stage time. Chris was co-running a room in Long Beach at a restaurant/bar called Taco Beach. I introduced myself and we chatted about comedy after the show was over ad he promptly invited me back to the next show to do a set. Thus, he set up a false expectation that everyone down there was friendly and nice. An expectation that was no doubt broken by the next comic I met that week. Here’s some of Chris’s comedy (while he stands VERY still)

Jerry and I met at a benifit show for cancer. Well…it was for fighting cancer. One of those Team In Training deals (seems like everyone knows at least one person who’s involved with them. I know 4) Jerry was a great host that night and after that, we crossed paths many times doing the open mic rounds. He was even good enough to book me a few times at the various rooms he ran. Here he is laying down some comedy on his birthday at the Jon Lovitz in Hollywood…

The thing I like about both these guys is the way they use their harrowing personal life stories to make some great comedy. Similar tactic, but drastically different styles of comedy. That’s why you gotta love this business! So check them out every week on Drinking Buddies and if you listen, they’ll let you know when you can come see them live!

Bottom line…Chris Adams and Jerry Brandt: These Guys Is Funny!!!

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