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TANcast 231 – I’m Not Into Sports But I’m Into Social Gatherings And Food

February 4th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week is the TANcast Big Game Pre-Show…where they barley mention football at all. Instead they cover Andy’s business trip, the ever elusive Episode 207, old movies, old podcasts, and literally other crap!

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised.

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This week’s TANlaugh’s were sent in by Jonathan, Hillary, and Jesus.
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24 Responses to “TANcast 231 – I’m Not Into Sports But I’m Into Social Gatherings And Food”

  1. KikiNo Gravatar Says:

    So Tim doesn’t like showering with people around, and Andy doesn’t like shitting/peeing in public, and Noah doesn’t like farting at the urinal. How the heck did you all survive living together? Because even with Tim and Andy knowing each other before they were roommates, there must have been some awkwardness for the shitting/farting.

    Loved the show as always!

  2. KikiNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow. The segment after the show ended was hilarious. I had tears of laughter in my eyes for the last minute. Andy and Noah fucking with Tim and Tim’s responses had me silent laughing. I haven’t done that in a very long time, and so I thank you. Great way to end a very long night.

  3. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    awesome episode!! lol I’ll admit it I love it when everything goes wrong!! you all rock thanx for being you!! I’ll always be here

  4. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    where is there rss feed?

  5. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    @Grace here you go: http://tancast.com/feed/

  6. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    @Kiki when I joined the picture Andy had his own bathroom and I think he more doesn’t like shitting any place that is not home but he can probably clarify his shit stance.

  7. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    @Noah thanx!

  8. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    @Noah how do I put it on my iTunes sorry I’m challenged today. first day of school and first day of getting up early in a while

  9. Jesus (LoboMaloArte)No Gravatar Says:

    Well, I guess now I have to comment so……yes it was a joke/comment thing I found, no I did not put my cock on anyone’s windshield and probably never would.

  10. Jesus (LoboMaloArte)No Gravatar Says:

    Oh, and thanks, for now I think the listeners are going around with my cock on their mind. It’s there, you thought, you can’t unthink it! HAHAHAHA my finally, my cock will be on someone’s mind! Wow, what does that last statement say about myself? I’m so alone!

  11. Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Ah comments! Sweet, juicy comments! I love it! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

    @Grace You go to “Advanced” in the iTunes menu and click on “Subscribe to podcast…” then paste the RSS feed URL

    At least I think that’s how it works, I haven’t updated my iTunes in a while

  12. FinalFantazC (AKA Dominic)No Gravatar Says:

    I still listen every week… I’m just lazy at posting here :/ Sorry….

  13. FinalFantazC (AKA Dominic)No Gravatar Says:

    Oh also where is episode 207?

  14. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    thanx @Tim testing it now
    @FinalFantazC welcome!

  15. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    it worked!!!

  16. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    Yay new TANcast episode

  17. Hillary (#1 FAN of WDW )and ........MAHNA MAHNA!No Gravatar Says:

    MAN…. that was an old joke of mine Andy…forgot i even sent that one in…. LOL 😛 and yea, i still listen every week… just dont comment as much… ill try to do better in the future

  18. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    Episode 207: The Great MacGuffin

  19. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    “What, you writing a book?”

    Genuinely hilarious.

  20. Alissa (TANcast's #1 Female Fan and NEW #3 Fan/the second A in TANcast/#1 Jokingly-engaged Fan)No Gravatar Says:


  21. ChelseaNo Gravatar Says:

    This only works when said in Comic Book Guy’s voice, “worst super bowl ever”

  22. Hillary (#1 FAN of WDW )and ........MAHNA MAHNA!No Gravatar Says:

    another comment for you… i appreciated this kinda superbowl episode… with no football 😀 the packers werent in it so it was my year to say screw football 😛 so the episode went perfectly 🙂 thanks guys for all you do

  23. Kettlebell basics Says:

    […] Games – Navigating the sea of the videogame industry.I Luv Classic Movies – Thousands To Choose FromTANcastVast Sea of Games – Navigating the sea of the videogame industry.I Luv Classic Movies – Thousands To […]

  24. Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    I feel like I guilted everyone into commenting. Oddly enough I don’t feel guilty about that at all. Your sweet, delicious comments make my pants overflow with happiness…or something less creepy

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