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TANcast 213 – I’m Not Touching That With a Chocolate Pole

September 9th, 2012 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week the boys discuss Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, talk about other podcasts, and talk a little politics.

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised.

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This week’s TANlaughs are from Jesus, Jonathan, and Chelsea.
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12 Responses to “TANcast 213 – I’m Not Touching That With a Chocolate Pole”

  1. Jesus A.K.A. Lobo Malo: The Fucking Pissed Off Comic GeekNo Gravatar Says:

    Is Andy one of my people? He’s taking his sweet time, doing a half ass job and I’m sure he’s doing it for a lot less than normally done. @Tim, whenever I see a troll on Twitter or YouTube, I just hear Audry II saying “Feed me Seymour!”

  2. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    lol I love you guys and I’ll keep listening forever and ever!! <3 u guys have a week!
    p.s. great episode!!

  3. ChelseaNo Gravatar Says:

    @Jesus I guess I’m one of your people, wait… are your people easily distracted? I’m still (yes still) attempting to animate CJ’s short story about a monkey and his crocs. but …. I needed to drink my kid to preschool? And other excuses. :p

  4. ChelseaNo Gravatar Says:

    PS in case you were wondering… I’m still listening 😉
    PPS great episode

  5. JasonNo Gravatar Says:

    The Chocolate Rape song had me laughing hysterically in Starbucks. A little awkward especially because everyone started staring at me. Oops! Great episode guys.

  6. TeresaNo Gravatar Says:

    still listening too 🙂

  7. Jesus A.K.A. Lobo Malo: The Fucking Pissed Off Comic GeekNo Gravatar Says:

    @Chelsea, it depends. Some time ago, one of the boys said “fuck Mexicans” to which I replied; “fine, fuck Mexicans all you want, that just means there will be more us”. After that, someone replied to me, “that’s why I use birth control”. If that is you, and are either with a Mexican, or any part of you is Mexican, then yes, you would be one of my people. One way to be officially one of my people, be born with some percentage of my people inside you. To be an honorary Mexican, work a job for less, work a job half assed, work a job without a degree and yet better than a person with a degree would, or everybody’s favorite way, literally fuck a Mexican. And if said person if fucking a Mexican and that Mexican happens to have a panza (belly) that sticks out farther than their tits, wears a black bra with a white top, is “physically unfit”, or sells anything on a freeway exit, then you get extra Honorary Mexican points. P.S. easily distracted falls under half assed. P.P.S. when I asked “if that is you”, I was referring to the birth control joke that was made, not prying into your personal life where my nose has no business in.

  8. Andrew ShuggNo Gravatar Says:

    I liked Ralph Garman’s explanation of the going-round-the-earth thing at the end of Superman: The Movie that he gave in a recent Hollywood Babble-On. It rang equally of truth and bullshit and got around the time reversal thing.

  9. ChelseaNo Gravatar Says:

    @Jesus well….I guess I’m not you,as I am so white that there is no way I have any Mexican gens at all (British + Irish = the type of pale that makes Gothics super jealous)

  10. Jesus A.K.A. Lobo Malo: The Fucking Pissed Off Comic GeekNo Gravatar Says:

    @Chelsea, well, if you’re still easily distractable to the point that you conduct your job half assed or are doing a job for a lot less than normally, then you are an honorable member of my people, as stated above.

  11. ChelseaNo Gravatar Says:

    @Andy, fun fact a friend of mine worked on the film “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, Neil Patrick Harris had audition for the lead rule. I was told the studio wanted to go with Carey hoping for a bigger box office…. I was wondering if you thought if NPH would have saved the movie.

    @Jesus then more power to me to complete my duties at a quicker time period . 😉

  12. JennNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m still here! I also sent in a query to iTunes.

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