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Blog Fail

April 29th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Tim Babb’s April Foolishness
Day 29 (sorta)

Whoops! This blog was supposed to be written on April 29th. Well I had a super good reason for not blogging that day. I was watching “Young Justice” on Netflix.

Oh did I say “super good reason?” I think I meant sad, stupid reason.

3 Responses to “Blog Fail”

  1. DeanNo Gravatar Says:

    TYPO ALERT: You typed “super good reason” when you meant “Get off my back, blog reader. You’re not the boss of me. Or my wife.”

  2. Lindsey #1 Britishy Things FanNo Gravatar Says:

    Uhm, Young Justice is a wonderful reason. I was so sad it only lasted 2 seasons and they went weird in Season 2 by cramming a lot of exposition in and not fleshing out new S2 characters.

  3. JesusNo Gravatar Says:

    The sad thing is that Cartoon Network can’t have teen to adult cartoons that aren’t a part of Adult Swim last longer than a few episodes. For some reason, all their shows have to be completely immature. There’s a difference between Regular Show and 2 Stupid Dogs. One is an amazing cartoon, and the other is Regular Show.

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