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Backstage Blog

October 28th, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 27:

As I type this, I am backstage at a show waiting to go on.

I thought it might be interesting to get an inside look into a comic’s mind just before and after a show. So the first part of this blog will be written before I go on and the second part will be written after I come off.

Part 1
So I’m backstage with a another comic who is making notes in preparation. I’m deciding what I want to talk about tonight. I’ve been playing with ideas for the whole drive up here. Now is where I whittle it down from ideas to a plan. I just found out a few moments ago that I will, in fact, be hosting the show. That’s kind of a bummer. Not that I dislike hosting, but it’s not as much fun as just doing a set. It’s going to be my job to warm the crowd up. I really want to do some jokes about my missing tooth…but it’s new. We’ll see. Oh…time to start.

Part 2
Wow did THAT suck? Yes. They say that you should never blame the crowd, and perhaps they’re right. But screw “they,” I hate this crowd and it was their fault. I did my part. I put the effort in. I know these jokes work. You people should be laughing.

Midway through a tried and true joke of mine that was getting a lukewarm reception I happened to look out and see a woman in the crowd sigh with disappointment. You’re disappointed in ME? I’m disappointed in you, whore! This joke is easy to laugh at. It’s not to complicated. It’s not dirty. It works with 9 out of 10 audiences. uyou just had to be that 10th audience, didn’t you? Is it too early for you to die in a Christmas fire? I say it isn’t.

Now I’m gonna go try and sell my TANcast CDs…HAHAHAHAHHAHAHH HAHAHHAHAHA H AHAHAHHAHA …ehhhhh

2 Responses to “Backstage Blog”

  1. LoganNo Gravatar Says:

    So how many CD’s did you end up selling? Maybe she was drunk and thought she was sitting in the male strip club but instead turned out to be a comic up on stage. Wouldn’t you sigh too?

  2. Phil JohnsonNo Gravatar Says:

    I think that was the same lady that was yawning during my set. Ten bucks says she didn’t even pay for her ticket.

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