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What the Duck?!

December 19th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

31 Blogs of Christmas
Day 19

Once again, everyone on every side of a debate are wrong and it falls to me to straighten everybody out. If you haven’t heard some dude from Duck Dynasty (who’s name is not even close to important enough for me to look up) got suspended from the show because he liked vaginas better than men’s butts. Oh…and also compared homosexuality to bestiality. Now people one side are angry at his comments while people on the other side are complaining that his freedom of speech has been violated.

First off, hos freedom of speech wasn’t violated. A&E is not the government, they are a private company. If they feel like suspending him from the show, they can. Maybe they don’t want to be seen to condone someone saying that a consensual relationship between two adults is the same as sneaking up on a sheep and going to town.

To the other side, how could you possibly be surprised that a dude from Duck Dynasty has horrible things to say about homosexuality? I mean, go ahead…threaten to boycott the show. However, I imagine you, like me, have never seen it and never plan on seeing it, so you know it doesn’t matter.

Besides, we all know how this is gonna play out…the duck dude will say a few things to smooth things out (without actually retracting anything) and tomorrow Miley Cirus will lick her own tit on a stage in Miami and we’ll all forget all about Who Gives A Duck Dynasty.

Now then, back to Christmas…

One Response to “What the Duck?!”

  1. DeanNo Gravatar Says:

    Never seen Duck Dynasty, never will. Also, STILL have not seen Cyrus’s VMA performance so THAT streak is unbroken…

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