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Rejected By Cracked: A Grab Bag

October 23rd, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 22

For those who don’t know, there’s a comedy website called cracked.com that runs a Photoshop contests every week. They give a funny prompt and people submit different images that fit that prompt. Cracked chooses the best ones and puts them in an article on their website. The best one wins money. I have entered many of these contests. I have often been featured in the articles and even won the money a handful of times. However, way MORE of my stuff has been rejected. I like to share some of my rejected entries with you good folk who read my blog. I used to post this type of blog a lot, but for some reason I stopped. So that means there are a lot of contest entries from many different contests that have yet to be enjoyed by anyone except the Cracked judges. (Who clearly DIDN’T enjoy them, hence they were rejected)

So I thought I’d rummage through the archives and find some of my entries that weren’t funny enough for Cracked, but are just fine for the low, low standards of TANcast.com

Kickass Reboots of Lame Characters

Yeah, that’s that twerp Tim from Jurassic Park. But now he’ll twerp you in the FACE!!!

If Every Movie Got an Amusement Park Ride

I was really surprised this one didn’t get picked. Yeah, it’s more than a little dark, but they’ve made Sophie’s Choice jokes on Cracked before…oh…maybe THAT’S why it didn’t get picked.

The Worst Porno Ideas Possible

I actually thought this had a shot. I downloaded that stupid Angry Birds font just for this.

Things We Secretly Suspect About Other People’s Jobs

This one was made while Disneyland’s Matterhorn was closed. I was trying to imply that it wasn’t really being worked on, the employees were just riding it themselves. Dunno if that is clear enough.

When They Start Using Sex to Advertise Everything

I was very proud that Mickey was showing more skin than Minnie. Truly a victory for feminism, right?

Posters That Could’ve Tricked Us Into Seeing Bad Films

No? You still don’t want to see it? Hater!

If Movie Titles Were Honest – 2013 Films Only
(I actually made 4 Man of Steel entries for this contest. One got picked, the rest are below)

Plot Twists That Would Have Redeemed TV Shows

This last one is probably only funny if you’ve seen the last episode of M*A*S*H…and maybe not even then.

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