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Rejected by Cracked: Sequels We’ll Never See

December 15th, 2010 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

I know I said the last time I posted one of these blogs that I wasn’t going to enter any more Cracked Photoshop contests. Well, I should have listened to myself, because I entered the latest one and got shut out. Not ONE of my entries made the list. Maybe I should stop posting bitter blogs about it when I don’t win? Nah…that can’t be it.

Well the latest contest was for sequels we’ll never see. (By the way, the winner made an “Old Yeller 2” poster…but there ALREADY IS an Old Yeller 2, it’s called Savage Sam. Lame!!!) Here is the genius that Cracked chose not to share with you:

This was my favorite. But when even Andy said it was too dark, I had to take a look at my soul. (I”m glad I didn’t put the shower joke in there that I was originally planning)

Come on, baby! Before Gigli, this was one of the most famous flops in history.

I know, I know. There actually is a movie called “Saturday the 14th” but it’s not a sequel and has nothing to do with Jason Voorhees, so this is a legitimate entry…says I…who’s opinion clearly doesn’t matter.

Just a lame little joke about how preachy the movie was. Yeah, it’s not much. Moving on…

This came to me while listening to Michael’s new album. Doesn’t really fit the theme, but the idea of auto tuned Michael Jackson interviews made me laugh. Speaking of the gloved one…

I’d watch this. I mean, if they can put a young Jeff Bridges in Tron 2, they can make this happen, right?

This one’s kinda messed up…(by the way, the rules said you could include books as well)…but no where near as messed up as the Anne Frank one. But really this one was just to cover for an earlier entry. I made that one to cover up this…

Yeah..I entered that and thought I was clever…only to find out from several different people that they are actually making a sequel to Human Centipede. It’s hard to out stupid Hollywood.

One Response to “Rejected by Cracked: Sequels We’ll Never See”

  1. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    Anne Goes To Camp? How about Anne of Barbed Gables!


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