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Another Batman Idea? DC, You’ve Done It Again

October 1st, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 2

In case you haven’t heard, Warner Bros. is making a tv series about Gotham City. No it won’t have Batman in it. It’s a prequel. We get to see what Jim Gordon was doing as he worked his way up to Commissioner. It’s not going to be tied to the Nolan Batman Universe, the Zack Snyder Superman/Batman Universe, the Smallville or Arrow Universes…basically Gotham will be it’s own thing. My question is “why?”

That’s not true…my question is “WTF?!”

First off, why would I want to watch a show about Gotham City without Batman? They already have that show…it’s every crime drama set in New York. What’s next? Transylvania without Dracula? The adventures of Rose and Mickey before Doctor Who showed up? The TANhouse before Tim, Andy and Noah moved in? No one cares!!!

Secondly, Warner, you DO realize you have other comic book properties besides Batman right? It seems like 4 out of every 5 Warner Brothers comic book based projects are about Batman or the Batman universe. Did you lose Wonder Woman’s number? We better be careful, or this Justice League movie that Zach Snyder is supposedly building towards will look like this…

4 Responses to “Another Batman Idea? DC, You’ve Done It Again”

  1. JesusNo Gravatar Says:

    The ones I recognize are; the alien Batman, Batman Beyond. the Batman from Batman SATAM/JL/JLU, Nightmare Batman, that crazy/lame ass Batman which might/will be used as the basis for the Batman vs. Superman movie, a.k.a. the Batman from The Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Again, The Batman Batman, meaning the Batman from the cartoon show called, The Batman, some version of the Composite Superman/Batman, and the Brave and the Bold Batman, the others, don’t ask me.

  2. JennNo Gravatar Says:

    DC just doesn’t know what to do with their characters. They can’t do anything with Aquaman, because everyone would make fun of it. And look at what they did with Jonah Hex and Green Lantern. They’re clearly terrified of screwing up Wonder Woman. Everyone loves Batman and Superman, so they just keep rehashing those worlds. Aren’t half of DC’s characters from Gotham, anyway? They should do a crime show with Selina Kyle and all the former Robins. Who’s left, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle? Maybe a Flash movie should be next.

  3. Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist)No Gravatar Says:

    Jesus, thank me later:



  4. JesusNo Gravatar Says:

    Andy, thanks. What’s interesting, is that Batman Beyond and the New Adventures Batman are meant to represent the characters from the respective series but still exist in the same universe, and yet they are drawn slightly different. Oh, and go sign up for the Beta for Infinite Crisis, one of the test drive characters, Nightmare Batman.

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