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The Batman Reboot

March 15th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is over, but Warner Bros. is not going to let their cash cow die. They’ve gotta reboot the bat. It’s inevitable. With Avengers 2 on the horizon, you know Warner wants to build a Justice League movie, and the Batman has to be part of that. The question is, how do you go forward? You obviously don’t want to retread the ground that Nolan, Burton, or god help us Schumacher have already done…but you still want to remain true to the character of Batman. So let’s see where we’ve been already to find out where we should go. What aspects of the Batman have these three directors explored?

Tim Burton explored Batman’s gothic side, Schumacher explored his “wacky” side (oy!), and Nolan explored his gritty, physical side. But one element of Batman’s character has yet to really be highlighted on the big screen. Batman is supposed to be smart. Life is a constant game of chess and he’s playing you 15 moves ahead. Let’s see that! Not only can Batman beat you to a bloody pulp, he’s already figured out your escape plan before you were done making it.

So who’s the perfect villain to test Batman’s brain? The Riddler. Not the zany, sock down his bright green tights Riddler that Jim Carrey played, but picture more John Malcvoch in In the Line of Fire. He’s a sadistic son of a bitch who’s got a vendetta against Gotham (I’m sure someone can read through the comics and find a reason why). He’s leaving the police these riddles that the police solve only to get there just to late as the bombs go off (kinda like Die Hard: With A Vengeance). Until one time they get there to find Batman has defused the bomb. The Riddler then turns his attention on the Batman. Leaving clues that Batman must solve to save various people. Commissioner Gordan, the mayor, etc. Finally the Batman shows up to save some other notable person…and the person is not there. Just when you think the Batman has guessed Riddler’s clue wrong, the Riddler reveals himself. Turns out, this was an unsolvable riddle…a trap to rid himself of the Batman. When the Riddler attempts to activate the trap mechanism…nothing happens. We then get an Ocean’s 11 style reveal that Batman has been a step ahead of him since he thwarted that first bomb. We get a flashback to several very subtle clues placed throughout the movie that now make sense in context that the Batman has been in control the whole time. Once your mind has been thoroughly blown…credits! Then Superman shows up at the end to ask him to join the Avengers…er…I mean Justice League.

Hey Warner Bros…money please!!!

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  1. Murray (TANcast's #1 Aussie fan)No Gravatar Says:

    I heard someone mention the “World’s Greatest Detective” line about Batman the other day and wondered about it as a premise for a different direction for a new set of films. Making it about having to figure out what’s going on rather that just respond to it.

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