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TANcast 228 – This Is Gonna End With Stinky Trousers

January 14th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week the boys talk about the working man’s troubles, new and fairly recent movies, Tim and Noah’s travel plans, and Andy’s bad back.

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised.

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This week’s TANlaugh’s were sent in by Roberto (Noah’s roommate), Johnathan, and Si.
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8 Responses to “TANcast 228 – This Is Gonna End With Stinky Trousers”

  1. Jesus (LoboMaloArte)No Gravatar Says:

    Hey, what did happen to that Fisting and Butt Sex song that was frequenting the early to mid episodes?

  2. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    yay!! I love this episode sooo funny, but I listened to it at my friend’s Heavily religious house! yep I listened to this very quietly. Hope you had fun at my job =D can’t wait for episode #207 lol I bet it will be the best one ever!! I will buy and read the book!! it would be awesome!!

  3. Jesus (LoboMaloArte)No Gravatar Says:

    So I’m listening to this on iTunes again, I know, at this point that’s a dick move but I can’t be the only one who was subscribed prior to “the incident”. But anyway, I was listening and I just had to find a clip of “I Hate You” and post in the comments the entire lyrics for the sound byte, as well as “I’M FUCKING IN HERE!” Now to sit back and wait for people to comment; “that’s not how it goes” and “stfu” and the like.

  4. Andrew ShuggNo Gravatar Says:

    Silly Noah. Mario is a wop, not a Jew.

  5. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    Aww. I love it when I get a mention. Especially when it was because I’d something semi-funny I’d said in an earlier episode’s comment section.

  6. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    Jay & Silent Bob is (very) repetitive because it is all recordings of a live show where, for some reason, most of the audience have not listened to any of the podcast episodes.

    So for most of the audience, it’s all a complete unknown. Someone in radio told me, every show you do is someone’s first time, and someone else’s last time, on your audience.

    Look at me, being a FKS apologist again …

  7. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    … and what a phenomenal ending with the Asian impressions. As we say in Australia, “me no rikey!”

  8. DeanNo Gravatar Says:

    Leslie Mann > Megan Fox, but maybe that’s just me…

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