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TANcast 183 – Poetic Licence? It’s Just Been Revoked!

January 7th, 2012 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week the boys pay tribute to Angelo Bowers, Tim asks for tips on his new iPhone, Noah tells of his adventures in Portland, and Andy talks of his misadventures over Christmas.

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised.

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This week’s TANlaughs are from The Late (great) Angelo Bowers, Kody, and Vrej!
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Story of Angelo and Josh’s Accident

Angelo Bowers Comedy Videos

Angelo’s Jokes Twitter Feed


13 Responses to “TANcast 183 – Poetic Licence? It’s Just Been Revoked!”

  1. Grace (rightful #1 Redheadeddisneyfreak) (I'm back baby!)No Gravatar Says:

    AWESOME!! lol first comment from my new laptop! (prepare to jizz ur pants @Andy and @Noah) its an apple! p.s. @Andy nice reference to Freaks! and @Tim nice Tombstone reference. I watched the Dick Clark thing and all I could think of was Andy making fun of him in the ARN2L2T lol it made me laugh and I sort of got lectured by my friend. I couldn’t explain cause I was laughing so hard.

  2. Vrej (TANcast's #2)No Gravatar Says:

    You guys are saying my name correctly. Andy, they tap out because it hurts so much.

  3. Luke (TANcast's #1 Irish fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Great show as always, and a nice tribute to Angelo Bowers. Being from and living in Ireland I’ve never heard of the comedian before but it is good to see his friends, family and fans are letting him live on with the videos and twitter. RIP.

    The second wave of Noah jokes also reminded me of something; anyone remember the Noah’s Balls twitter account? (https://twitter.com/#!/noahsballs) Time for a revival, or maybe their famous neighbour should get access of the iPhone?

    Also Grace, I am now uber jealous of you, I really want a Macbook! Instead I’m stuck with a shitty Dell laptop which has a faulty charger. My wishes for Dell to die in a christmas fire sadly didn’t come true over the holidays.

  4. Grace (rightful #1 Redheadeddisneyfreak) (I'm back baby!)No Gravatar Says:

    @Luke lol sorry hope u get one soon. I got this for college with my school money and it just happened been close to Christmas. I can’t wait til next semester!

  5. Murray (TANcast's #1 Aussie Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    The new intro sounds good, Tim – I think that it will be good for picking up “casual” listeners, who might be more likely to listen if they know they’ll get a preview and can skip it.

    Fans from some places outside of the US may also have been a little shocked for a few seconds when Tim said “I am in /dire/ need of a root…. “. “Root” is a term for sexual congress in Aus and other places… TMYK

  6. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    @Grace do you have a spare set of pants for me?

  7. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    @luke you are right, Noah’s balls have been getting more action these days. Look for a come back in the near future. However the famous neighbor is a bit twitter shy.

  8. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    @Noah Twitter shy maybe, but we want to see Noahs_Dong on FourSquare checking into some hot ladies!

  9. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:

    What an excellent episode. Thank you all.

    (Nobody said caramel.)

    Tim, thanks for sharing all that stuff by your late friend (and I don’t mean Andy at Denver airport). I hope you’ll sprinkle some more of his work in some future podcast episodes.

  10. Grace (rightful #1 Redheadeddisneyfreak) (I'm back baby!)No Gravatar Says:

    @Noah, lol the question should be after that is will they fit and where do I send them? lol

  11. Everyone's High School Friend ErinNo Gravatar Says:

    Just for you Andy: http://shine.yahoo.com/fashion/crocs-made-over-1-billion-2011-192800239.html

  12. Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist)No Gravatar Says:

    @Grace: Just make sure they are roomy in the front and he’ll be fine. Also, just let your fucked-up flag fly. Dick Clark is funny, damnit.

    @Erin: THAT’S A LOT OF CROCS!</KungPow>

    @Everyone: I just wanted to wish everyone a belated “Hapheh Nuw Yeh”.

  13. Grace (rightful #1 Redheadeddisneyfreak) (I'm back baby!)No Gravatar Says:

    @Andy , but all my pants only really have room for my big butt and I listen to TANcast right?! lol and I try to drag my family along with me =D

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