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My Immunity Has Been Revoked

March 3rd, 2010 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Tim Babb’s March Blog Madness: Day 3

Sorry, this is a short one because I’m sick! I hardly ever get sick and I hate it. Not that anyone LIKES being sick, but it sucks. I have crap I wanna do but I know I’ll make myself worse if I try.

Screw you, cold! Eat NyQuil and die!!!

4 Responses to “My Immunity Has Been Revoked”

  1. Joe Anthrax (TANcast's #1 Conservative Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    When the “Q” on the bottle starts talking to you, you are on the road to recovery. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. GeoffNo Gravatar Says:

    Dude, that sucks. Hayley and I just got over being sick last week. Hope your recovery is swift.

  3. Mysterious Matt (TANcast's #1 Mysterious Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick, Tim. Isn’t that Andy’s job?

    Also, why is Andy so often ass-sick? I’m sure his reports of increased toilet time exceed WHO average frequencies.

    (I’ve been paying attention.)

  4. AndyNo Gravatar Says:

    Matt, toilet time is me-time. You leave it alone.

    Tim, you are by far the healthiest filthy person I’ve ever known. I think your office fridge inoculated you against everything. In 20 years it will be you and the cockroaches.

    Get your cockroach jokes warmed up, buddy.

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