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Backstage Blog 2: The Squeakquel

September 28th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

As I type up this blog into my phone, I’m in the green room of the San Jose Improv. Just finished doing 20 minutes of comedy. Now Mr. John Witherspoon is on stage. I’m enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the waitstaff. They just brought me some delicious taquitos.

The opener, Layla, and I talked comedy in the Bay Area for a while. Now I’m alone with my thoughts (unless you count the comedy of John Witherspoon pumping through the green room speakers that keeps making me laugh)

But this is a weird moment. I have an hour to wait. I’ve told my jokes, but now I have to wait until the headliner is done to talk to the audience on the way out…and maybe sell one of these sweet dishwasher magnets…

Ok shilling over, back to the blog…It’s weird because I’ve just done the fun part, telling the jokes. Now I have to wait to talk with the audience and see if I made a lasting impression. It’s a strange nervous energy. I don’t really have anything to prepare for, but I can’t relax for some reason

Ah well, back to the taquitos.

1 hour later…

Now the show is over, everyone has filled out, and I’m waiting to get paid.

The crowd seemed very nice on the way out. No one yelled “you suck!” So, I call that a win.

A few minutes later…

One last update…I just walked to my car and on the way, I saw this on the ground:

SOMEONE clearly was not impressed with my show and won’t be buying a CD. But then…why’d they take the card?

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