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TANcast Baby Babb Update

May 3rd, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Just a quick update for the TANcasties and TANnasties.


14 Responses to “TANcast Baby Babb Update”

  1. Breeno (TANcast's #1 Irish fan) Says:

    Regularly scheduled life? What if we don’t have one!

    Congratulations Tim and Dynelle, I wish the two of you all the best with your new baby boy! (how long before he makes an appearance on the show? I’m calling it now, when he can talk he’ll be calling Tim’s mic Andy like Jr. does with Tim.

  2. Logan Says:

    Awesome! Big congrats to Tim and your wife (I won’t attempt to spell her name).

  3. Christina Says:

    Welcome to the world Baby Babb! May you find it filled with wonder and goodness in your lifetime buddy.

  4. Andrew S - TANCast's $44 Australian fan Says:

    Shortest. Episode. Ever.

  5. Bryan Says:

    I’m more curious as to when the kid’s first visit to a Disney park will be! I’m thinking… next week!

  6. Chelsea Says:

    This is exactly what my husband should have done. I swear he had became (without us being prepared for it) the newscaster for baby watch 2009. And dealt with some frustrated family members when he did not take a picture of our son every second of that first day.

  7. Latino_Jess Says:

    Everyone’s already said enough so nothing left to say but….you’re doing it. Congrats to the both of you.

  8. Joe Anthrax (TANcast's Lapsed #1 Conservative Fan) Says:

    Congratulations Tim, that is one cute baby! Hope the two of you are ready for weeks/months of very little sleep, and years and years of utter joy.

  9. Todd (TANcast's #6,817,243,395th Fan!) Says:


    I can only imagine, Micheal Quinn Babb was named after some body famous, who could sing and could really dance…..

  10. Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist) Says:


  11. Luisa Fuentes Says:

    Congrats!!! If he was born on May 3rd, he shares that birthday with my son Jacob (age 16) and my nephew Sebastian (age 11). And…he’s a Taurus- they are stubborn and I don’t even believe all that horoscope hullabaloo. Again- be well, be healthy and GIVE THEM HELL BABY BABB!!!

  12. Luisa Fuentes Says:

    Question- Is it me or does he look like Noah?

  13. Noah Says:

    @Luisa Shhh….Tim is not supposed to know

  14. Luisa Fuentes Says:

    Oh golly gee Noah- you should’ve said something. My bad.

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