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Site Outage – Update

July 29th, 2008 . by TANcast Admin

TANcast will be upgrading some back end software today.

We promise you: Shit is going to break!

When it breaks, and depending on how badly it does, you probably won’t see anything, including this message.

If you are reading this it is incredibly likely that you are either Tim, Andy, or Noah and you know who to scream at.

If you aren’t the T, A, or N in TANcast, then if you can see the site but something seems amiss (you can’t click on links, the site looks worse than normal, your RSS feed broke, iTunes lost our podcasts, etc.) please leave a comment on this post noting what went wrong.  If you can’t leave a comment or the site is completely down (presumably you saw this note beforehand) then please send an e-mail to the webmaster (address is just “webmaster” at this domain) with details, such as any errors you see.

We are the web equivalent of a one-horse town, and our one horse is a mildly retarded Shetland pony.  Thanks for bearing with us.

Update: The upgrade is done, and everything seems to be working right now.  You probably won’t notice any positive changes (same crappy layout, same crappy content, same idiots on the podcasts), but our admin interface got faster and we have a bunch of new features that make our lives easier.  Special thanks (again) to the wonderful people at Automattic for making such an easy, extensible, bad-ass blogging tool for us to monkey around with.

Update 2: One of our awesome new features breaks our ability to insert podcasts.  The plugin we use is supposed to be updated within the next week (a complete rewrite is being tested by the hard-working guy who created it) and in the meantime we just disabled the new feature.

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