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TANcast 300 – Fecally Decorative

September 14th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This week we celebrate our 300th episode with special guest, Robin! We talk about the origins of how the boys all got together and we spiral off on many tangents…just like the good ol’ days!

00:00 – 05:43 Pre-show (Robin learns the ropes)
05:43 – 22:05 Intro/TANcast Origin Story
22:05 – 25:43 Let’s Get Political
25:43 – 34:23 TANlaughs (Listener submitted jokes)
34:23 – 44:47 Kids Shows (Muppets/Looney Tunes/Etc.)
44:47 – 47:31 Technical Difficulties
47:31 – 51:27 Listener Email
51:27 – 52:42 Kicking My Feet (Stories about our kids)
52:42 – 62:32 How the F*** Was Everyone’s Week?
62:32 – 85:58 Longest. Wrap-Up. EVER.
85:58 – 89:14 ????

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised.

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This week’s TANlaughs are from CJ, ANti-Jokes, Tyler, and Jenn.
Special thanks to Eric for this week’s TANlaughs jingle.
Send your jokes and/or e-mails to all of us at:
fucktards(at)TANcast.com or YourMom(at)TANcast.com

(download the podcast at the bottom of these links)

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Tim’s Ghost Blog with “Real/Fake” Mug Set

Black Guy Vs. Cop Video

12 Days of Mousetagia

Tim’s Blog about Smashing His Finger

Tim’s Nerd Night Show at Rooster T. Feathers (October 8th, 2014)

Tim’s Blog About Tim and Andy’s Disgusting Apartment

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13 Responses to “TANcast 300 – Fecally Decorative”

  1. Jess (I AM TANCAST!)No Gravatar Says:

    Random special guests?!? I demand satisfaction as your most dedicated listener with a spot on the next guest episode! I’ve devoted over 6 years of my life to Tancast and all I have to show for it is my splitting sides. This is blasphemy!

  2. KikiNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow Jess. I’m hoping half of that was in jest, because the 7 of us who are still here have all dedicated a lot of time to the show on a weekly basis. That being said, I think having guest TanNasties, (Jess first since he’s calling dibs) would be fun.

    I really enjoyed having Robin on the show. It was super refreshing to have a female on the show (not related to the three). I hope her podcast she wants to start up does well.

    And Tim, great job on all of the jingles in the episode. They were from far and wide, and I forgot how much I liked the jingle for “Where in the World is Episode 207”. Where is it Andy? WHERE IS IT?!

  3. JesusNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, 300 episodes, you did it, you’re still doing it, and here’s hoping you’ll always be doing it. Now, going to your Muppet conversation, I think I might have said this before, look at Clifford, then look at Lil’ Jon, tell me somebody wasn’t inspired by somebody else.

  4. Jess (TANcast's most unfunny listener)No Gravatar Says:

    It’s ok Kiki, it was mainly a joke. Is love to be on TANcast, but I wasn’t really pissed off at anything.

    Congrats on 300 boys!

  5. Murray (TANcast's #1 whosiwhatsit)No Gravatar Says:

    Happy 300th boys. Good work, thanks for the laughs and company. Special thanks to supereditor Tim.


  6. KikiNo Gravatar Says:

    Jess, I realized that it was after my post because of the “I am TANCAST” after your name.

    One last thing I forgot to mention: OMG eww. As a female, I have NO clue how you got any women to be in there for more than a few minutes. Especially after looking at the sink. And I thought I’d had a messy apartment. Ya’ll make me look like Martha Stewart. 😛

  7. Chelsea (not Kelsey or Clinton or Lately and it's not spelled with a Y))No Gravatar Says:

    sorry… my brain came to a halt trying to process the new Bat Mobile… WTF?… Also *sings* “Adam WWWWEEESSTT, adam wwwweessstt”. sorry (again)

    Happy 300th podcast and welcome back CJ and good luck in college.

  8. Chelsea (not Kelsey or Clinton or Lately and it's not spelled with a Y))No Gravatar Says:

    no no it’s not a ol’ tancast podcast without dead baby jokes, you guys have gotten soft. 😉

  9. Chelsea (not Kelsey or Clinton or Lately and it's not spelled with a Y))No Gravatar Says:

    Sorry commenting while listening….
    TIM! I have a shirt idea:
    “I don’t normally slack off, but when I do, I lack hard!”
    (or something to that … this is why I’m an animator and NOT a comedian).

  10. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:



  11. Andrew, TANcast's #[square root of -1] Australian fanNo Gravatar Says:


    https://www.facebook.com/tancast does not go to TANcast. It goes to somebody called Tancast.

    My world is strange.

  12. Lindsey #1 Britishy Things FanNo Gravatar Says:


  13. LesleyNo Gravatar Says:

    It was a great episode. You guys work so hard every week (almost) and make us laugh just by hanging out with each other.


    I like the idea of having random listeners on the show and I’d love to be on some time.

    Happy 300 guys! Thanks for all you do! Oh and Logan says, “thanks for the shoutout, Noah!”

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