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Daddy’s Day

April 11th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Tim Babb’s April Foolishness
Day 11

I probably should be blogging about Stephen Colbert or the new Captain America movie…but there will be time for that on this week’s podcast. Right now, my son is taking his nap in the next room and I’m reflecting on our day today.

WARNING: “Feet kicking” ahead

Pictured: “Live entertainment” for a 2 year-old

I love Fridays because they are “Daddy Days.” It’s just me and the kid. Not that I don’t love having mommy around (I did marry her…on purpose and everything). But Fridays, I set the schedule, and make the calls, and deal with the repercussions of those calls. I never feel more like “dad” than on Fridays.

Today, when he got up, he didn’t want to eat breakfast right away. On preschool days, I have to force him. But today we had no major commitments for a few hours, so why not endure the kid? It’s Daddy Day, qumphs, we’ll do what we want. We read some stories until he was in the mood to eat. Then we turned the couch and coffee table into a big recycling truck. Kermit and Mickey sang some songs and we put the garbage, recycling, and compost out by the curb for pick up.

I imagine past Tim, pre-kids Tim would read that paragraph as the dullest morning ever. But the fun of getting the license to play like a 3 year old again can not be over sold.

Then we went to Gymboree (where I’m pretty sure my son has a crush on the teacher), grabbed some Jamba Juice (where they know our order by heart and start it as soon as we walk in the door), and got home just in time to miss the garbage truck take our trash away. Well, what do you do in that instance? You chase him around the neighborhood and watch him take everyone else’s trash, that’s what. Repeat the process with the recycle truck and then it’s time for lunch. We decided to eat lunch in the garage while we waited for the recycling truck. Unfortunately, I discovered the ants had infested out Christmas decorations box. Fortunately, my son thinks it’s hilarious when daddy flips out about ants.

Finally I decided the recycle truck was taking too long so we went to the library to return our stack of kids books…and bring home an even bigger stack of new ones. (After we turned around because daddy forgot the library card) While at the library, I was reading my son a story and some random little boy decided to join us. Maybe because he had a Justice League shirt on and my son and I both had Superman shirts on. Still he kept following us around and trying to suggest books. Finally I was like, “Look kid, this is ‘Daddy/Son’ day. Not ‘Daddy, Son, and some random kid’ day.” …or I didn’t say that at all, but some how the kid caught the hint.

Now the little guy is sleeping (and so are you if you’ve read all this). I just wanted to share this little tale since I’m so snarky about parenting to try and get laughs on the show. I thought I should share how much I enjoy it for once. It’s not all about those big sitcom lovey-dovey moments. Sometimes you just have a fun little day.

Nap time.

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  1. EmmaNo Gravatar Says:

    What a great post! You are an awesome Dad! Most days aren’t extraordinary, but they cane still be fun!

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