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February 7th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Andy, Noah and I were texting back and forth, and we started inserting the word “poop” into famous movie quotes. Why? That’s not important. Here are some of the stand out results…

Poop Fiction

Poop Star Wars

Poop Braveheart

Poop Cassablanca

Poop 6th sense

We have fun!

9 Responses to “Poop”

  1. TANCast's #1 Wifey Says:

    Tim – you rock! These are awesome, and I still think “I poop dead people” is hilarious!!!

  2. Andrew Shugg Says:

    Tim, sir, you are Doing It.

  3. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak) Says:

    lol Tim you are awesome although I think you may have just messed me up for work lol I have to say may the force be with you! But I do love the Braveheart quote lol!!

  4. Hillary (#1 FAN of WDW )and ........MAHNA MAHNA! Says:

    THIS……IS……… POOP! (sparta) 😛 another one for ya

  5. Murray (TANcast's #1Aussie Fan) Says:

    “We’re gonna need a bigger poop!”

    Or if caca is in there too:
    “Poop, I am your caca”. (Yes I know the “Luke…” is a misquote.)

  6. Dean Says:

    Thought your “Casablanca” one was going to be,”We’ll always have poop.”

  7. Gary from Sacramento Says:

    “37! My poop sucked 37 dicks!”
    “In a row?”

  8. Hillary (#1 FAN of WDW )and ........MAHNA MAHNA! Says:

    “I shall call him Poopy…. and he shall be mine… and he shall be my poopy!” Dory-Finding Nemo

  9. Noah Says:

    @Hillary nice one!

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