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Rejected By Cracked – Trurthful Online Ads

October 26th, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 26:

Ads on the internet are annoying. You know hat’s not annoying? making fun of them. Thanks to Cracked.com’s latest photo manipulation contest, I got to do just that. In fact, one of my entries was used as the “thumbnail” for the article. But, as usual, there were some gems that didn’t even make it in. Here they are for your amusement my self importance.

C’mon…we know what most nerds use Photoshop for…after they insert themselves into a picture with Anne Hathaway…they use it to make their profile pictures look better on Facebook/Match.com/Google Maps..or whatever. No? that’s not what most people do? Just me? …awkward. Moving on!

So that ad, with Ron Jeremy’s face clearly plopped don some other dude’s body actually exists. The text for it says something like, “Lear Ron Jeremy’s secret to being hung like a horse,” or something to that effect. My original joke was going to be to reveal his “secret” (being born that way.) But the add also shows that dude’s…um…mystery meat. So originally I was just going to pixelate it out, but then I had a wonderfully, awful idea. Sarah Jessica Parker’s face knows a thing or two about being like a horse. …and my black heart grew three sizes that day.

I knew this wouldn’t place. It’s just for me…and maybe any other graphic designers out there who’ve ever had to work with someone who took every creative idea you brought to a project and squashed it in favor of lameness. *Sigh* I really don’t miss the old days.

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  1. Breeno (TANcast's #1 Irish fan)No Gravatar Says:

    I can relate to the last one (in a way). In school at the moment we have to design a website, I immediately jumped to this chance with a ton of neat ideas and found a ton of sweet javascript things I wanted to use…. buuut my teacher had other ideas and we have to work to constraints that will make it look no better than one of those rubbish websites you always would find when dial up was all we had!

    Oh and speaking of that project we have to do, the website we’re making is for a fiction concert venue for buying and selling tickets. Guess who is headlining in my ‘Comedy’ section? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

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