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October 15th, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 15:

So I’m doing some social networking (aka seeing how many girls who rejected me in high school are still single. Answer? Enough to make me happy) and I come across this ad…

I will now take you through all the reasons this ad pisses me off…

First off, using Steve Jobs just because he just died is cheap. Half the people who click on that don’t think they’ll be getting your BS political preaching, they think their getting information about Steve Jobs or his death. Way to be classy, turd burglar!

Then the “message” of the add seems to be that if Steve Jobs can do what he did without government handouts, then we all can. Yeah, I’m sure we are all just a few nights of hard work away from being Steve Jobs. If only we’d hunker down and focus and stop taking the government dole, we’d be right at his level. Be serious. Even if everyone had the opportunity to try and be Steve Jobs, most of us don’t have the goods. Some people are just not that bright. They don’t have what it takes to create the next “Apple.” They can barely eat an apple and walk at the same time. (But apparently they can make a crappy ad for Facebook).

When I read the line “gov. jobs are not the solution,” I just think…yeah…who needs police to patrol the streets? Heck who needs to keep the streets maintained? Just let the roads go to hell while crime runs rampant. Oh…and crime WILL run rampant, because no teachers are teaching our kids anything…so they all grow up to stab you and take your wallet. Yeah, a world without government jobs sounds super sweet. Die in a fire! (and you will die, because there are no fire fighters to put you out)*

31,233 people like this?! Ugh!

*Yes, this is a straw man argument. I’m aware the ad did not call for an abolishment of all government jobs. It just said government jobs aren’t the solution…and essentially I agree with that. We can’t government job our way out of this. But…

a) As I understand it, the jobs bill doesn’t just create a bunch of new government jobs. It provides tax incentives to private companies for hiring new people here at home

b) I was just trying to be funny. Please don’t come here for serious political arguments. I’m here to say silly things and make typos.

2 Responses to “iHate”

  1. Tony (TANcast's #1 Blues Brothers Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    “b) I was just trying to be funny. Please don’t come here for serious political arguments. I’m here to say silly things and make typos.”

    And sadly, he’s not all out of typos. 😉

  2. GeoffNo Gravatar Says:

    Tony beat me to the obvious punchline, although I was going to go with something more along the lines of “with more emphasis on typos than being funny”.

    Also, that ad is one of the reasons Facebook sucks and should die in a fire. Google+, baby!

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