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Here’s Your Yelp Review, Wiseguy

September 14th, 2010 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 14

I joined Yelp today! I had no desire to do this, but one experience changed my mind.

I went to Midas to get my oil changed. The dude who was getting my info was awful chatty. (A trait I loathe in customer service people. Are you trying to be my BFF? Just write my mileage down quickly so I can go on with my day)

Finally he pulled up my info on the computer (a step that would have saved a long time had he started with it) he found out I’ve been there before. He said, “Why don’t you review us on Yelp? YOU could tell everybody about the great service you got here and how helpful the guy was at the front counter.”

Well, douche bag, ask and ye shall receive…

So the guy who checked me in when I dropped off my car asked “Why don’t you review us on Yelp?’ …be careful what you wish for.

So first he makes a joke about how I might be doing cocaine since my sinuses are stuffed up. Then a joke about how I have “sex hair.” (Sorry, I don’t get all dressed up to get my oil changed) Then he tells me that they are a little backed up so I can leave my car and it will be ready in 2 hours or I can come back in an hour where I’ll only have to wait an hour (what a great set of choices, right?)

I opt to leave my car and wait. 2 and half hours go by and I get no call. I go back and I’m informed that they “got a little behind” haven’t even started my car yet. So I ask for my key back, because oddly enough I have things to do. Dude says, “Would you like to make an appointment to come back?’ Oh yeah, bro! I’m going to run right back to the place that has crappy service. His reaction to this loss of business was to return to a conversation with a co-worker who was reclining in the office (visible to the lobby). I think I know why you guys got “backed up,” your employees are slacking off and ignoring the customers.

There’s your yelp review…thanks for reminding me!

I feel better!

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One Response to “Here’s Your Yelp Review, Wiseguy”

  1. NickNo Gravatar Says:

    So you didn’t get the Mida’s touch?

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