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March Blog Madnnes 2: The Secret of the Ooze

March 1st, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

I’m gonna try this again! It’s March Blog Madness 2: Ghost Protocol!

A few times in the past, I’ve blogged every day for a whole month. The big difference was that I wasn’t a dad and I didn’t have a whole separate job to do besides stand-up comedy. So as I try to blog everyday this March, certain questions come to mind. Can I juggle all these things and still post a blog every day? Will anyone one care one way or the other? All these questions and more will be answered in March Blog Madness 2: The Wraith of Khan!

Be sure to tune into tomorrow’s blog for a link to watch me doing comedy…streaming LIVE tomorrow night!!!

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