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TANcast 083 – Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, MoFo

January 20th, 2010 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

In this episode: The TANboys discuss the Conan/Leno/NBC train wreck, Tim’s Pictionary Misadventures, and why Minnesota is too cold for anyone and close things out with a run down of their “High 5” Places to Eat Out.

[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts but is NOT a representation of the stand up act of Tim Babb. Listener discretion is advised.

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This week’s Tanlaughs were sent in by Logan and Mike.
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18 Responses to “TANcast 083 – Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, MoFo”

  1. TonyNo Gravatar Says:

    Let’s just make notes, since I’m listening off the website anyway. 😉

    In ‘N Out – 3X3 Animal Style, Animal Style fries, and a Coke.

    McDonalds – Hell, no. HELL, NO. Okay, I kind of take that back: on a long solo drive, a 20 piece McNugget does sometimes hit the spot. You just put them in the passenger seat and pop one on occasion.

    Andy – I don’t like McDonalds, but those hospital cafe’s hours blow, and all they had was Subway. Weak lame ass Subway, as well.

    Blue Bayou – Overrated. And the Jambalaya didn’t stick with me, long. We headed to Tomorrowland after eating, and I didn’t make it past the Plaza Inn bathrooms before my colon revolted.

    Stacks/Stax – Only the bay area? I could have swore I passed by someplace by the same name on Route 66 on my way to Pasadena from Rancho Cucamonga this evening…

    Carl’s Jr. – Andy, did you have Carl’s Jr. on your list, or Hardees? Oh…you answered this. Thickburgers now? I know they used to do the Six Dollar burgers as well…

    CPK – I found it amusing to see a California Pizza Kitchen in California. I don’t know why, I just did.

    Taco Bell – To slaughter the words of Yoda: Not eating leads to hunger, hunger leads to Taco Bell, Taco Bell leads to suffering… *moment of silence for Glen Bell, who passed on Saturday night*

    Burger King – Love it, but EVERY time I hit a BK in Cali, they fuck up my order. I mean, SERIOUSLY, like forgetting my sandwich or something.

    Wendys – Is cheap, and doesn’t the baconator remind you of the old Monster burger from Carl’s/Hardees?

    Discussion of food places make you hungry, yet suck when you have no money.

    And hill folk are just scary. 8 teeth being shared among a family of 12, fear of shiny objects…

    Top 5 Video Games?

    And Top 5 Movie Themes? Hrm….I see a lot of John Williams and Danny Elfman in the future, perhaps with a smattering of James Horner thrown in.

    And you know, you wouldn’t get posts like this if you didn’t keep killing my Zune players. 😉

  2. GinoNo Gravatar Says:

    In N Out def in my top 5.
    4. Taco Bell
    3. Olive Garden
    2. Most Sushi Places
    My #1 is Buffalo Wild Wings.

  3. Alissa (TANcast's #1 Female Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    I don’t think I can be a vegetarian anymore. I really want a whopper now (thanks Noah) and damn Gino BWW sounds SO GOOD now. dammit.

  4. LoganNo Gravatar Says:


    I really want a Fudruckers burger now. Maybe even some Old Country Buffet.

  5. Joe Anthrax (TANcast's #1 Conservative Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Is it only me, or did the arm wrestling guy not freak me out that much? I mean, I pretty much looked that way throughout college, except I didn’t do any arm wrestling…

    Also, checking Andy’s map, I am not at all surprised that my state was one of the few that was entirely red. In fact, I’m pretty certain if you find the map that shows how each individual county voted, it will be the only state that would still be entirely red…

    Finally, some really good choices (at least the non-local ones) for places to go out to eat at. I would take exception to Panda being better than PF Changs (or if you go the more comparable place, Pei Wei), but for essentially Chinese fast food, it’s hard to beat. Some of my “high” 5’s would be:
    Qdoba (a fast food Mexican chain that hand makes burritoes the size of your two fists put together),
    Zio’s Italian Kitchen (Artichoke spinach pasta…)
    Falcone’s (Pizzeria with an authentic New York flavor, by which I mean the owner is probably with the mob…FOR REAL!)
    And a couple of local places:
    Jimmy’s Egg (Breakfast diner with a dish called Biscuit Debris…drooling as I type this)
    Ted’s Cafe Escondido…the best Mexican restaurant in the state. Seriously! People will drive from all over to eat here, and when there was only one location open in town, there was ALWAYS at least a 30 minute -1hour wait to get in. ALWAYS!!!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a call-in order to make.

  6. LoganNo Gravatar Says:

    The muscular armed guy is weird. I know our bodies don’t do everything even, but wouldn’t you think his body would naturally even out the muscle structure a bit? His side of his face even looks a little odd from his neck muscles….

    He must have done EVERYTHING with that one arm, and kept the other in a sling for a year to keep from using it.

  7. ChelseaNo Gravatar Says:

    1. Famous Dave’s BBQ
    2. Panda Express
    3. Baja Fresh
    4. Toxic Hell (aka Taco Bell)
    5. IHop

  8. Melanie (TANcast's #1 MILF)No Gravatar Says:

    Looking forwards to listening. While I’m waiting for my husband to have his colonoscopy.

  9. Joe Anthrax (TANcast's #1 Conservative Fan)No Gravatar Says:


    1. I hope everything checked out on your husband’s colonoscopy. It’s an uncomfortable procedure that is extremely helpful in early detection of treatable cancers.

    2. This is perhaps the most disturbing yet ironic message post related to a podacst about food.

  10. Melanie (TANcast's #1 MILF)No Gravatar Says:


    1. Thanks for asking. Everything went very well. No worries, back in 5 years. He’ll have had 3 by the time I need my first.

    2. As intended… 😀

    I haven’t finished yet, but I gather it’s Top 5 fast/convenience/chain/not upmarket eateries?

    If so, in no particular order:

    Famous Dave’s BBQ
    PF Changs
    Player to be named later.

    I reserve the right to change this list once I finish listening! 😀

  11. Melanie (TANcast's #1 MILF)No Gravatar Says:

    Ok, finished wit hthe ‘cast now. If it’s going out to eat in general we are speaking of, here’s my list:

    Michael Mina’s Stonehill Tavern in the St. Regis hotel in Monarch Beach. Best. Meals. Ever. (IMO) If you’re in San Francisco, Michael Mina has a restaurant there, which I wouldn’t hesitate to visit.

    AOC in Los Angeles

    Cafe Beaujolais in Pasadena. Great French food, real French waiters, not super expensive – surprisingly reasonable for the quality.

    I’m sticking with Famous Dave’s here

    Park Ave on Bnach Blvd. in Stanton. Absolutely grat food, their own (large) garden in the back, and reasonable prices. Great cocktails. In front of a trailer park.

    But for where I want to go out to dinner when I don’t wnat to unload some cash, my earlier list stands. 🙂 Honorable Mentions: Wing Stop, PF Changs, and BJs.

  12. EJ (TANcast's #1 Bisexual Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    mine r in no order

    frank’s pizza
    Mickey D’s (McDonald’s)
    white castel
    taco bell

  13. AdamNo Gravatar Says:

    5. Taco Bell
    4. McDonald’s
    3. Famous Daves BBQ
    2. Panda Express
    1. Five Guys Famous Burger and Fries

    If you ever see a Five Guys Stop Heavenly Bliss

  14. AndyNo Gravatar Says:

    Tony, Stacks locations can be found here:


    “My” Stacks was always the Campbell Stacks. The Campbell Farmers’ Market every Sunday was a great excuse to go put your name in at Stacks, walk around for an hour or so, then stuff your face and drive home in a barely-legal food coma.

    Joe, the little taqueria near where Tim and I used to live mad burritos the size of Noah’s wang. Unless you have fists like that arm-wrestler’s right, these things were bigger than Qdoba’s.

    Adam, I live about 7 miles from a Five Guys. The drive is worth it.

  15. Melanie (TANcast's #1 MILF)No Gravatar Says:

    Oh, Andy, you’re so not in California anymore. 7 miles isn’t a “drive”! 😀

  16. Joe Anthrax (TANcast's #1 Conservative Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Andy: So they made burritoes the size of a early 80’s IBM clone that Noah owned?!? I am so there!!!

  17. BrianNo Gravatar Says:

    Panera – Frederick, MD
    Hottest employees. Not just one or two, like 90%.

  18. Scariest ScoutNo Gravatar Says:

    OK, so I totally agree with Joe’s picks from our Red State but here are my top 5 of the moment in no order
    Billy Simms BBQ- awesome not an OU fan, but good green beans… ok I’m weird green beans & potato salad
    My second is a food not a place… Southwest Egg Rolls anywhere… Arby’s now have them & they are great, but I still much prefer a Margarita on the side.
    Pei Wei (too much?), their Crab Rangoon’s kick Panda’s ass, but Panda’s Orange Cicken is good in a pinch
    City Bites- California Club yum yum
    & Of Course Ted’s MMMMmmmmmm…
    & take it from me, I sooooo appreciate eating, got to be NPO for about 10 days in October for Surgery & this Girl will never take food for Granted again, but it still sucks working the wee hours of the morning & you get hungry and all there is open is Fuckin Mc Donald’s or Sonic… but the Hot Chocolate at Mc Donald’s & Drinks at Sonic rock are just too expensive…

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