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The Michael Jackson Memorial (A Review in Tweets)

July 7th, 2009 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

So I sat glued to the TV this morning watching the Memorial Service of Michael Jackson. I had Twitter open as I watched and as such, my irrelevant cometary is recorded for posterity…

Tim Babb is recording MJ’s Memorial on MSNBC AND CNN. Overkill? Perhaps. Don’t judge me.

Headline News just said MJ set the stage for us electing a Black president. WTF?! I like MJ, but let’s calm down.

It’s official. MJ was black….his memorial service is on CPT

How awesome would it be if MJ popped out of the coffin and did the Thriller dance? (Sick? Maybe…but funny)

You have to know other 80’s artist are watching MJ’s memorial today going, “I ain’t getting NOTHING like this when I die. *sigh*”

aw….I think Mariah is a little choked up…that’s kinda touching. Too bad everyone will just say she can’t sing

Did Stevie Wonder just say he wished he didn’t live to SEE this moment? Burying the lead aren’t you, Stevie? Since when can you SEE?!!

It’s official again, MJ was Black! According to Magic Johnson he enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Will You Be There….such an appropriate and underrated song. Nice touch with MJ’s actual voice over…ah crap…Al Sharpton just came on

Ok, now Al Sharpton is trying to say that MJ somehow made it possible for a Black president. …please let’s just be sad a great artist died

Wow…say what you will, Sharpton gives good speech. Did I just compliment Al Sharpton?! I need a nap

Aw…Brooke Shields…fighting tears…heart breaking. Side note: Holy CRAP she’s hot! I know…inappropriate…but true!

Oh good…this congresswoman wants to pass a bill saying MJ was a legend. It’s ok Congress, you fix the economy, we’ll honor MJ. We got this

WTF? Did Usher just rip off MJ’s signature “fake cry” at the end of the song? That’s MJ’s cheesy bit, sir! Don’t touch his coffin…ewwww

I apologize to those following me who have no interest in MJ or his memorial…but this is what’s on my mind today

Who the hell is Shaheen Jafargholi? They couldn’t get a Jonas Brother for this?

Oh…it turns out I’m a douche bag and Shaheen is somebody that MJ really admired

Geez how old am I getting? I don’t recognize any of these people singing “We Are The World”

Where are my fellow Lincoln High School Alumni who remember “Heal The World” every Friday over the PA in ’92-’93?

Can someone spare a heart? Marlon Jackson just ripped mine out of my chest

Paris Jackson brings it all home…she didn’t lose an “icon.” She lost her daddy. I’m glad I didn’t get to go I would have wept like a baby

Holy crap! CNN actually talked about Iran, Obama, Putin, and Honduras…for almost 3 whole minutes. Way to go CNN! Now back to MJ!!!

Wolf Blitzer “thinks” Paris crying at the end of the memorial was an unscripted moment. No, she rehearsed crying about her dead dad…idiot!

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