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TANcast 052 – VanCast

June 2nd, 2009 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Van from the Netcot podcast slums it to join the TANboys for the 1 year anniversary of TANcast. The guys discuss the perils of mocking Louisiana, internet fame, parenting, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Churro stands, how termites foiled a move to Hawaii, the origins of Netcot, Van’s secret podcast idea, TANcast Savings plan, the pox on radio that is Delilah, stupid websites to waste your time, pros and cons of working at Google, the rhetorical boner, Ninja Rape verses Superman rape, GI Joe still looks shitty, Tim: Disneyland Nanny, and the winner in Money vs. Happiness.

Bonus: Tim offends all of Canada and Mexico in under a minute!!!

This week’s TANlaugh was submitted by Jo, Alissa, Jo, and Alissa
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[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts. Listener discretion is advised.


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31 Responses to “TANcast 052 – VanCast”

  1. Bryce (Tancasts #3 Fan) Says:

    🙁 I’m not self-important. A lot of people are WAY too proud to be from this white-trash state. I’ll finish listening at work.

  2. Brian Says:

    YES! I have been waiting for an episode with Van since I first started listening!

  3. Gino (TANcast's #1 fan in the military) Says:

    I’m the one in Uzbekistan Timbo!

  4. Nate Says:

    Tim your roasting of Andy’s balls for the shitty audio made me giggle like a school girl. Great job on the show!

  5. Andy Says:


    I think my new recording setup on my Mac decided to record thru the built-in speaker or else I sat next to a wall or…

    Or I just suck.

  6. Tim (TANcasts #1 Host/Editor Fan) Says:

    Awww…poor Bryce. We was just teasin’ I mean, listen to what we say about EACH OTHER.

  7. Alissa (Tancast's #1 Female Fan) Says:

    Don’t worry, I have bad jokes too. (Actually we tell dead baby jokes at almost every family get together…sad if you think about it too much.)
    Anyway, great show! Van was a great addition! (I listen to both podcasts, in case you wanted to get some stats on that.)

  8. Jason (TANcast's #1 AZ Fan) Says:

    An entire episode of just going from state to state telling insults about its residents would be AWESOME!!!

  9. Logan Says:

    I agree with Jason.

    Van was a nice addition to the line up, if you guys could line up other friends every once in a while it would add to your story pool and be cool. I enjoyed this episode very much.

    Awwww Tim didn’t even include himself in the album art….so sad.

  10. Nate Says:

    Yes he did, he’s just in the back of Van… kinda looks like he’s about to rape him… ewwww…

  11. Bryce Says:

    Though I agree with most of the La. insults and how absurdly redneck it is, WE’RE NOT ALL like that. Most of New Orleans is made up of angry black people who assume I’m racist and treat me so as well. Rednecks call me a ‘n—— -lover’ because I can read, I’m not a redneck and have black friends. Can’t win

  12. Andy Says:

    “N—– -LOVER?”

    “N—– -LOVER???”

    BRYCE! What kind of language is that to post on this site? This is TANcast! We don’t speak in dashes!

    You damn nigger-lover…


  13. Dean Says:

    Andy sounds like he’s in the decompression chamber of a an ocean exploration ship.

    I still like the three-part harmony “LINK” sound effect…

  14. Bryce (Tancasts #3 Fan) Says:

    I thought the fill-ins were funny. Also, did anyone notice the fallen-T in the logo is above the -“AN” on Noah’s picture?

  15. Bryce (Tancasts #3 Fan) Says:

    I REALLY wish there was a way to go back and edit your own entries. I hate typos.

  16. Logan Says:

    Wow I missed A LOT in that picture. Very cool, lets all look for the hidden message…get your decoder rings.

  17. Andy Says:

    Pow. Look at me fix Bryce’s typo for him. Now everyone will be all “what typo”, and I’ll have mind-fucked like at least 2 people.

    SHAZAM !!!

  18. Hannah Montah (or Patrice Says:

    Being a black person from a rural town in Louisiana I totally understand where Bryce is coming from. Do you need a new gay best friend new best friend? (Did any of you Family Guy fans catch that?) And, as I’ve told Andy before, white people know EVERYTHING so of course Bryce knows what he’s talking about LOL

  19. Nate Says:

    So enough of this comments stuff… When are we gonna get our Forums? I think we’ve waited long enough.

  20. Princess Edamame - #12 Says:

    I was thinking the other day that forums for the 10 of us would be a blast!

  21. Alissa (Tancast's #1 Female Fan) Says:

    I concur! FORUMS PLZ.

  22. Bryce (Tancasts #3 Fan) Says:

    I like this as it is. You can never have enough best friends.

  23. Princess Edamame - #12 Says:

    Aww, Bryce, I’m getting all warm and fuzzy from the comment your racist-yet-N—loving ass just made…BFFs? 😀

  24. Bryce (Tancasts #3 Fan) Says:


  25. Dean Says:

    Tim, nice sound collage at the opening of the cast…

  26. Tim (TANcasts #1 Host/Editor Fan) Says:

    Thank you, Dean. I realized after I uploaded it that Andy’s “I’m fucking in here!!!” was way too loud…but the rest of his audio was way too low, so I guess it evens out lol

    By the way, kids, I wouldn’t expect forums anytime soon. We love you but …yeah…sorry.

  27. Princess Edamame - #12 Says:

    Loved it, even though Andy was talking out of his ass. Lots of fun, guys.

  28. Tony Says:

    No forums? But..but….I’ve been waiting a year!

    BTW, if you need a little education about pre-counting lines at Disneyland, I’ll gladly beat it into ya. Cut the CM’s some slack, guys.

    I love ya, but those are my friends out there on the front lines. 😉

  29. Michael Says:

    i, at long last, listened to Vancast… and realized that I am the third guy in the demographic of people who love Netcot and TANcast…

  30. Jaiden (Tancasts #1 PA Fan) Says:

    I’m late… Damn

  31. Jaiden (Tancasts #1 PA Fan) Says:

    A also binge 2009 NETCOT sometimes

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