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TANcast 022 – The Douchiest Place on Earth

October 27th, 2008 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Sorry for the audio problems…but we didn’t want to put a good foot forward while people might be voting for us at the Podcast Awards 🙂

In this episode, you’ll hear about Tim and Noah’s Universal Studios Hollywood Adventure…plus you’ll find out how poop can kill romance, hear about an ant invasion, learn very little about a cool haunted house in Redwood City, CA that you’ll never get to see, and a great story about breast feeding.

And before the episode is over, the TANboys will beg for your vote for the Podcast awards at podcastawards.com, give you a randomly nitpicky review of Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, and tell tails of Disneyland Monopoly!

This week’s TANlaughs were sent in by Mike and Jess.
Send your jokes for TANlaughs to: Tim (at) TANcast.com


[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts. Listener discretion is advised.

10 Responses to “TANcast 022 – The Douchiest Place on Earth”

  1. JessNo Gravatar Says:

    Sweet. My horribly offensive joke made it on the podcast.

  2. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E)No Gravatar Says:

    Thankyou for the comment on the site, Tim!
    Glad you liked it :]
    Still waiting for Andy’s opinion on our podcast.
    Apparently he’s busy with ‘real’ stuff like kids and his wife.
    Psh ;p

    p.s. Noah, you will be left out if you don’t give us a listen now…

  3. Mike (TANcasts #1 Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    First of all… I hope like hell I’m not my number one fan… I can’t stand me! Second… YAY! My TANlaugh made it on! Third…. eh hell, I can’t remember what the third thing was, and I’m too busy watching Bleach (I love that show) to listen again and figure out what it was….. although just for the record, I’m never playing Monopoly again (I owned three properties through the course of the entire game last time I played… so never again).

  4. LissaNo Gravatar Says:

    I really need to leave this comment window open or take notes while listening, because theres always something I want to say at the beginning of the podcast and have forgotten by the end of it…

  5. Mike (TANcasts #1 Fan)No Gravatar Says:

    Don’t worry Lissa, I have the same problem. The last few weeks however, I’ve been too lazy to go back and figure out what it was.

  6. AndyNo Gravatar Says:

    That’s OK. We’re lazy when we are doing the shows and rarely revisit stuff we reference ourselves.

    Pretty much every week we get to the end and someone says “Fuck! Oh, well. We’ll talk about X next week.”

    Guess how often we remember.

  7. BryceNo Gravatar Says:

    I hope you guys do a Halloween special of some sort. Please!

  8. BEN FROM MYSPACENo Gravatar Says:

    hey i try to submit my tanlaugh but i cant to go timattancast.com?

  9. JessNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey Ben, replace the “at” with @ and that should fix it. The guys have to switch them on the site so spambots can’t send them crap about making their penises huge.

  10. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E)No Gravatar Says:

    &Ben, it isn’t a website, it’s an e-mail address. You got that, right?

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