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TANcast 019 – This Never Happens on SModcast

October 6th, 2008 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

In an episode plagued with technical difficulties, the TANboys discuss Noah’s wedding reception, a cool haunted house in Redwood city (a link to that is coming soon), and why TANWifeCast isn’t likely to happen.

Then TANreviews of Grind House, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and Soul Caliber 4.

Plus tales of cross-dressing laundry misadventures, a spew of hate from Tim, a tip on how get your family to hate each other from Andy, a roast of the Saget Roast, The boys plan to stalk Giada, and finally a shout out to all the wonderful  P.W.H.B.T.T.D.T.C.U.W.A.N.F.P.W.L.T.Y.S.P.’s out there!

This week’s TANlaugh submitted by Matt.
Send your jokes for TANlaughs to: Tim (at) TANcast.com


[CONTENT WARNING] TANcast features mature language and immature hosts. Listener discretion is advised.

16 Responses to “TANcast 019 – This Never Happens on SModcast”

  1. MikeNo Gravatar Says:

    Really don’t know what to say about this one except…. I’m glad I was paying attention to my MySpace so I knew a minute after this was posted XD
    I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I freakin’ love TANcast ^_^ (which I believe Tim already knows, better than the rest of you)

  2. KrisNo Gravatar Says:

    I live in Florida and I would have to argee with Andy! Tim you forgot to mention how bad asian people drive and your youtube shit is GREAT! Screw those bastards who don’t like it!

  3. LissaNo Gravatar Says:

    The middle child meth addict from Full House also happens to live in the same town I do.
    Suck on that, motha fuckas.
    I get to see that sweet ass…wait what am I even talking about?

  4. BryceNo Gravatar Says:

    I found you guys through NETcot. My first thought was “What the fuck is this? A comedian? I bet he’ll tell stupid Disney-family-friendly bullshit.” The Star Trek stuff didn’t help until I heard not to check out TANcast. Tim said it was offensive. I was so pleased, and now I’m a huge fan. Netcot is still ok, but it’s not the one I wait for every week. Thank you for being you.

  5. JohnNo Gravatar Says:

    As yet another freak who discovered this podcast via Netcot, I’d just like to say that I would love it if you guys did a “Tancast Guide to Disneyland” episode!

  6. PrincessEdamameNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m curious who all these netcotters are on the forum over there – would probably ruim some mental images.

    And I think that a TANcast guide to DIsneyland would be AWESOME!

  7. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E)No Gravatar Says:

    What did you guys make of Russell Brand (a.k.a. Aldous Snow) in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

  8. JoNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m having a TAN-marathon, trying to catch up on the episodes.

    I admire Tim for still being able to listen to Distorted View – you’re a braver man than me in every sense of the word! I’m so glad you aren’t using ideas from that show for TANcast. Poop talk is fine, but audio is too much!

    I love the “TANlaughs” segment music! Puts you in a good mood straight away!

    ‘TANling’ is a good name.

    If you like Russel Brand you could download the podcast of his radio show – it’s about as long as a TANcast and almost as good (just some more much needed validation for you guys!! ) He’s such a great export – not what’s considered stereotypical for Britain! I love him – all the ladies do 😀 (and I’m sure some men do too!)

  9. JoNo Gravatar Says:

    . . . and Russel Brand loves all the ladies too – he’s notorious for it! I don’t know how much Americans know about him as he’s not that well known. He’s a genius with words and I think quite polarising – you either love him or hate him.

  10. BryceNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh god, yes, let there be a TANcast guide to Disneyland! How do I change my avatar? I hate this face.

  11. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    Luke: I have never heard of Russell Brand before Sarah Marshall but I thought his character was pretty funny.

  12. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E)No Gravatar Says:

    Well, he’s pretty much like that in real life.
    Like, down to the being completely sober for so many years.

    His podcast is very funny though – check it out.



    Made a podcast of our own :]

  13. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E)No Gravatar Says:

    Btw, Bryce.


  14. AndyNo Gravatar Says:

    Lissa, congratulations on being able to admit she has a sweet ass. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s just like Tim and I telling everyone about the meat missile Noah keeps in his trousers: Only a little gay.

    Luke, I started to reply with my thoughts but it got long-winded (SURPRISED?), so it is coming as a whole new post.

    Netcot folks, again, welcome!

    You weirdos blow my mind. I thought Tim, Noah, and I were about as fucked up as people who also love Disney can get.


    Tim, we should try to remember to tell that story on Ep. 21…

  15. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E)No Gravatar Says:

    Andy, I’m eagerly anticipating your (obviously long-winded) thoughts on how bad we were :]

  16. JasonNo Gravatar Says:

    I laughed so hard when you guys mentioned Safeway. I work there and people actually get their wedding cakes from th bakery. Love the show and I am almost done listening to all the episodes. Loving it so far. Keep it up guys.

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