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An award winning podcast?!

September 27th, 2008 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

…ok, not yet, but we could be with your help.

PodCastAwards.com is currently accepting nominations in several different categories. We would be so grateful if those of you who checkout this site could nominate us.

You can only put us in one category. So may I suggest “mature” or “comedy.” The Nominations close on September 30th so please click the banner below and nominate us soon. šŸ™‚

Thanks in advance for your support!!!

15 Responses to “An award winning podcast?!”

  1. DJTechnoid Says:

    Added you under Comedy

  2. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E) Says:

    Same here. Good luck!

  3. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E) Says:

    by the by
    I added a picture for myself using Gravatar

    It doesn’t appear to be working…

    Any ideas?

  4. Tim Says:

    Really Luke? I can see your picture.

  5. Chris Crookall Says:

    ALirhgt Wall-E lol, i’ll put you guys up for the award too.

  6. Andy Says:

    Sorry, Luke. I should have mentioned that it can take a little while for Gravatar.com to start sending out updated pics to blogs that use the service. You may also have your default image stored in your browser’s cache for a little while, which would prevent the new image from being pulled.

    Like Tim, I see your pic right now. If you still aren’t seeing it, you should try doing a non-cache reload of this page. For most browsers you can hit either “Ctrl+F5” or “Ctrl+Shift+R” (Command instead of Ctrl for Mac users) to force the browser to load a page completely from the server.

  7. Lissa Says:

    Sooo yeaaa. I nominated you under comedy. Hazaa.

  8. Tony Says:

    You’re all going comedy? Damn…I was going off of Tim’s request and nominated under “Mature”.

  9. Andy Says:

    Hey, nominate us (or hate on us) under whatever topic you like.

  10. Noah Says:

    ….and I don’t think any of us has illusions of winning but thank you for your support.

  11. Tim Says:

    Speak for yourself, sir. Some of us are clinging frantically to our illusions.

  12. Tony Says:

    Sometimes, illusions are all you have.

  13. Luke Whalley (like Wall-E) Says:

    Thankyou Andy. I see myself now :]
    I use Windows Vista btw, but well done for considering the mac option.

    By the by
    Everyone seems to hate Vista, right?
    I’ve only had it like 2 weeks
    so far?
    I don’t mind it at all.

    &you will totally win!

    I mean, no, not really.
    Wouldn’t that be nice?
    I’m glad the listeners are trying anyways.
    Myself included.

  14. Jo Says:

    I voted too (in comedy).
    This message is a bit late but what the hell – you have my vote!

  15. Jo Says:

    Only just listeded to podcast 18 and didn’t hear your ‘mature’ suggestion for the voting. I’m very behind on my TANlaughs.

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