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Election Day is coming

September 21st, 2004 . by Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist)

Vote your conscience, but do so based on fact, not sound bites or rhetoric you picked up from TV ads and posturing speeches. I swear to God that if I hear ANY of my friends spouting some shit they heard on TV as fact I’ll reconsider that friendship. Being weak is one thing. Being weak-willed is quite another.

Just in case anyone wonders how I will be voting, consider that the Bush administration:

  • enriches the wealthy at the expense of the working middle class.
  • empowers corporations at the expense of consumers.
  • destroys fair use and the public domain by granting essentially perpetual corporate copyrights.
  • enables media consolidation of unprecedented scale.
  • feeds the fear of the masses to justify the erosion of civil liberties and personal rights.
  • uses the Secret Service to silence peaceful protest.
  • used unconfirmed intelligence from a dubious source to push for the invasion of a sovereign nation (a belligerent dictatorship, to be sure) over the protests of every international body.

Now, to every “Ditto Head” out there ready to dismiss me as some bleeding-heart liberal I want to say I am a conservative (or more specifically, a libertarian). I am predominantly moderate (leaning right of center) but with some liberal, some anarchist, and some fascist tendencies depending on the specific subject.

Feel free to take issue with any of the bullet points above, but come equipped with counter-proofs or at least a convincing argument regarding the irrelevance of the subject since I can back every one of my assertions with hard facts. Conjecture and rhetoric will be mocked tirelessly.

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