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When The Baby Sleeps

November 7th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

This is the first blog I’ve written after our newest son was born. Now I remember why I didn’t blog much when Michael was born. I was TIRED (and kinda busy). They say “sleep when the baby sleeps”…ok, but when does this little poop factory ever sleep?! Let’s look at last night…

It’s 11:06pm and all 4 members of the Babb household are trying to sleep at the same time…let’s see how long that lasts

12:05am …not quite an hour before the baby pissed all the way through his diaper, pajamas, and swaddle blanket. Then he insisted on some fresh tittay juice!

12:48 Baby is changed, breastfed, and back to sleeping…now the toddler is coughing

4:31am The baby is up and hungry again. Mommy is feeding him while I “check my eyelids for holes.”

5:20am He’a dozed off while feeding. And also pooped. Time to change his diaper before we put him down

5:25am He pooped AGAIN. Less than a minute after I was done changing him

5:30am All these diaper changes have woken him back up and he’s hungry again. We have less than an hour and a half before his brother wakes up

6:00am Finally back to sleep. Less than an hour before big brother wakes up. We hurry back to bed.

6:10am Baby needs to burp. Takes 5 to 10 minutes. I run back to bed

7:19am Michael sleeps in by a few minutes, but there’s no stopping it now…the day has begun. Night time is over.

So I guess we got a few hours in there, but I assure you, we are still tired.


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