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Voting Advice

November 4th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Today is voting day here in America. It’s the midterm elections which we traditionally don’t care about. But I’m getting up there in years and I have kids now (had to mention kids in this blog somehow). So I had to muster up enough energy to at least give the tiniest of craps about this election.

Then, as I was filling out my ballot, something caught my eye…

…woah, County of San Mateo. You just made it real. “Vote Both Sides.” It’s about time someone said it. We can’t keep entrenching ourselves as Democrats or Republicans. We’ve got to vote BOTH sides. Occasionally you have to come out of your little shell and acknowledge that the other side may have the better idea. Don’t just watch the TV and read the papers that you agree with. Challenge yourself by hearing another point of view from time to time.

Maybe you’ll see that less regulations actually make sense in some areas or that Obamacare is really helping a lot of people. If nothing else it will stop us from simply shouting “I’m right! You’re wrong!” at each other over and over while nothing gets done. Yet disease, violence, and disaster creep ever closer to threatening everything that makes this country great. But we’re to busy playing “my team vs your team” to work together to solve these problems. Yes, voter form, I WILL vote both sides! Then maybe we can all…

Oh wait…there’s two sides to this form. That’s what they meant? Ah crap. Hold on, who are all these judges?! Ugh! Now I have to go do more research! Voting sucks.

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