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Another Topless Jennifer Lawrence Photo Discovered

September 2nd, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

So apparently, someone hacked Jennifer Lawrence’s phone. They found a bunch of nude photos on there. A bunch of them leaked on Sunday, but I was able to find a topless photo that I haven’t seen posted anywhere else…

HA HA!!! Get it? I cropped the top off of the photo. So the photo has no “top”…topless! Not only is this joke the clickbaitiest clickbait I’ve ever engaged in, it’s a joke I stole from…myself. I did this same gag with Lindsey Lohan back on my old MySpace blog. But since MySpace wiped out all the old blogs, it’s my joke to do again. MWAH HA HA HA!!!

Also, as others have said*, screw hackers! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wondered what Jennifer Lawrence looks like naked. But I’ve also wondered what that woman in front of me in line at Jamba Juice looks like naked. It doesn’t give me the right to know. Even if she has nude photos on her phone. I have photos of myself smiling back when my tooth was still missing. You don’t have the right to see those either. You probably don’t have the desire to see those…but that’s not the point. If you’re so concerned about the NSA invading your privacy, how can you support some random a-hole invading someone else’s just because they are super hot.

*I hate to link to Forbes, and especially to the guy who wrote this article (Dirty Man of Steel defender) but he makes many a valid point in this case

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One Response to “Another Topless Jennifer Lawrence Photo Discovered”

  1. MikeNo Gravatar Says:

    I was scared to click this. I was hoping for something like this. Actually, I thought you were going to post a photo of yourself topless, because I hadn’t thought of the joke you did use. But anyways, we’ll done, Mr. Babb

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