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Class of 95….@$% you too!

April 12th, 2014 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Tim Babb’s April Foolishness
Day 12

You may have read back in September that MySpace had deleted all our blogs from their website. Well, they actually sent them to the people who asked for them. ANd I was one of those people. So today, for some easy content, I’m going to take you back to February 28, 2005 to read what 28 year-old Tim had on his mind:

I didn’t get invited to my high school reunion! If I hadn’t seen my room mate’s invitation on the kitchen table, I never would have known about it. That’s ..@$%ed up! I mean. I received my fair share of snubs back in high school, but I don’t think I was THAT disliked!

“Hey the whole class is getting back together for a reunion.”

“That’d be great…oh wait….that Tim guy isn’t coming, is he?”

“Good lord no!”

It goes without saying, now that I know when the reunion is, I’m going to crash it. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be the one who’s done the least with his life. I’ve got a job that, while fun, is not exactly gonna put me on the Fortune 500 list anytime soon…in fact I’d be lucky to make the Fortune 29,408,223. I’m not married or even in a serious relationship. I’ve still never left the country…that’s right, not even Mexico or Canada! How is that possible?! Even drunk on a bet you make it to Canada!* I am living the dream of being a stand-up comic, but based on the three times I was booed off the stage in high school, they’re not gonna be too impressed with that. But I’m going anyway, you know why? Me neither! I wasn’t invited and I have nothing to brag about but I’m going anyway. What kinda dumb ass am I? no wonder they didn’t invite me!

*That bit of comedy was courtesy of Lewis Black making fun of our 43rd President. Sadly the same lack of culture critique applies to me as well.

I actually didn’t end up going to this reunion. Did I chicken out? Nope. Did I decide it wasn’t worth it? Nope. I just forgot what weekend it was. I had every intention of going until I got to work one morning and found the message “Where were you?” in my inbox from one of the people who DID go to the reunion. Rebel fail!

One Response to “Class of 95….@$% you too!”

  1. EmmaNo Gravatar Says:

    Well at least you are invited to our 20 year reunion. Next year some time. We aren’t really that old are we? Hopefully I’ll get to go, but I won’t have family to see in CA anymore. So we’ll see.

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