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‘Tis Better To Give…

December 3rd, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

31 Blogs of Christmas
Day 3

My wife thinks I’m writing a blog about Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. In fairness, that was what I set out to do. But then I realized that I’ve never shopped on Black Friday, and technically I’ve never actually ordered anything on Cyber Monday. So really, I couldn’t be less qualified to write an article contrasting the two. But I am going to talk about what they have in common…buying gifts. In this case, gifts for my wife.

You see, my wife is a December baby. Which means I’ve got to get her some thing good for her birthday and then get her something else good a few weeks later for Christmas. And no, I’m not ever going to try to combine them into one “huge” gift. They are separate occasions that deserve separate celebrations.

The problem is, I suck at buying gifts for my wife. While we share a lot of things in common, our taste in presents is not one of those things. I’m pretty easy to shop for come Christmas time. Pick whatever movie I liked during the summer and grab the DVD (or now BluRay). Boom! You’re done. You’ve just made Tim super happy. My wife, on the other hand, almost never sits down and puts a DVD in. Even if she likes the movie. So getting her a DVD would be a waste of time. I could get her clothes but that’s always tricky. Between sizes and styles, I have no idea what’s going on in that women’s department. I’ve given her jewelry the past two years, so it might be a little lame to go back t that well. She has plenty of perfume.

So you know what I end up getting her a lot of the time? Candles. The woman loves the scent of pumpkin spice candles. Throw in a Starbucks gift card and you’ve got a great gift…from an uncle. The clock is ticking and I need some ideas.

…and these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were no help at all!!!

6 Responses to “‘Tis Better To Give…”

  1. Jess (TANcasts #1 Halloween fan)No Gravatar Says:

    This is the exact problem I have with my wife. She’s also a december baby so that really does make it harder.

  2. Hillary (Tancast's #1 fan of all things WDW related and ...... MAHNA MAHNA!0No Gravatar Says:

    The best things Ive gotten from my hubby have been the sentimental things… he made me a photobook of pictures of us dating through the present.. also gave me a cd with him singing our song which was very cute.

  3. TeresaNo Gravatar Says:

    You can never give a woman too much jewelry.

    Outside if that though, what about sending her on a relaxing spa day or something like that.

  4. MirandaNo Gravatar Says:

    My advice is splurging on a really nice version of something she already has or uses.

    You have my number if you need specific ideas. 🙂

  5. DeanNo Gravatar Says:

    Gift card from here for supplies?


  6. Lindsey #1 Britishy Things FanNo Gravatar Says:

    One of those books where you can record yourself reading it, and you and Michael can read it together. Or spa-y things? Maybe a gift card for a massage/no kid/responsibility time?

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