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Comcast – Live Tweeting Failure

October 4th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 4

On October 4, 2013, Comcast’s new x1 cable boxes suffered a nationwide outage. For the first time in weeks, my wife and I had sat down to watch some tv…midway through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the outage hit. What follows is what I expressed on my Twitter feed from that point forward…

I think my favorite feature of my @comcast DVR is the one where it stops recognizing the remote and then freezes. #WorthEveryPenny

Just before my cable went bust, I saw a @comcast commercial bragging about their customer service. 20 mins later and…yeah, you know. #hate

Been staring at this screen for probably 10 minutes. @comcast, you are fail

13 minutes on hold with @comcast just to be disconnected. Yep, @comcastcares alright. Cares about being horrible.

Hey @comcast, go ahead and ditch the part of your automated system that says “For quality assurance…” No one’s buying it.

Aaaaaand I’ve been “disconnected” a second time by @comcast Let’s check that chat window… #StillWaiting

In fairness to @comcast, at no point while I’ve been on hold did they say, “your call is important to us.” #ClearlyItIsNot

OOOH! A new error message! @comcast is always surprising me…with failure #ShouldntBeSurprised

The @comcast box isn’t so much a “cable box” as it is a “box with a little green light that hums uselessly in the corner.” #4thCallFail

Maybe someone can just describe Modern Family to me while I wait on hold with @comcast

Let’s all read a note from @comcast’s VP of customer experience and gave a [nice] long laugh…

What do you think…should I call @comcast a 7th time or slam my privates in a drawer? #OneIsPainfulAndPointless #TheOtherInvolvesMyPrivates

The great thing is I’m paying @comcast extra to watch all this nothing in HD #YouCanReallySeeTheFailureClearly

So what is @comcast so busy doing right now that they can’t answer calks? Is this just a front operation for a crack den? #Breaking

I remember when the dude installed it, he told me how awesome this @comcast x1 was. It was going to change everything. #HalfRight

I’m sorry to clutter up everyone’s feed with all this @comcast hate. Maybe I should turn on the tv for a distraction

…oh right

Here’s the @comcast commercial I saw LITERALLY as my remote stopped working…just before the screen went black http://youtu.be/_y71dFAaIfI #HAHA

I’m not saying I called this 3 years ago…yes I am. I called this 3 years ago http://youtu.be/GqVrbB_z7r4 @comcast #YouSuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Do *I* need more time? No @comcast the question is, do YOU need more time?

Ok, I’m gonna call @comcast again and this time not only will they answer, they’ll fix my problem

I would really [love] to keep live tweeting Comcast’s failure, but I’m running out of ways to say “@comcast sucks.” #TheyDoThough #TheySuck

They fixed it!

Ha! Of course I’m kidding. @comcast still sucks guys.

Basically this @comcast x1 failure is nation wide, but limited to the x1. So if they hadn’t “upgraded” me, I’d be watching tv right now

When @comcastcares wakes up and looks at his twitter feed, 10/1 he quits on the spot

Fake RT @comcastcares “Hey @comcast, you don’t pay me enough for this crap. Peace out forever #yolo”

“The future of awesome” -Actual Quote from a @comcast Commercial

Wait a minute…is this a new strategy from the republicans? They take away @comcast until we defund Obamacare? #AhWell #ComcastSucksAnyway

MT @engadget: “Comcast…boxes apparently suffering nationwide outage http://engt.co/15bwvPh” Yeah “apparently” :/

Can we all stop saying @comcast is “apparently” suffering an outage? 1st off, they aren’t suffering, they don’t care. 2nd it’s really outage

Ok @comcast, this can’t be that hard. What ever setting you had it on 3 hours ago, when it was working…flip it back to that. #TechSupport

The best thing about bashing @comcast? Unlike politics, no one gives me a weak sauce argument defending @comcast

I give up! You win, @comcast. Your outage and crappy customer service has outlasted my ability to mock you #WellPlayed #YouStillSuck

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  1. DeanNo Gravatar Says:

    Hooray over the air broadcast TV on an analog TV with a digital converter box… for reals, yo

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