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A Bug’s Life

March 28th, 2013 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

So I am running behind today so I had to grab an old blog draft and use it for today’s blog. When I say “old,” I mean June of 2010..almost 3 years ago. So here was something I thought was a funny idea 3 years ago. Let’s see if I was right…

A few days ago I tweeted: “Why do bugs want inside my place so bad? You have wings that can take you anywhere you want…and my tiny little apartment is your choice?”

I feel like this is an example of the grass is always greener syndrome. Because they must think there is something good inside these walls. There isn’t. Clearly they don’t find what they’re looking for, because as soon as they get in, they start banging their heads on the window trying to leave. If you hadn’t come in here in the first place this wouldn’t be a problem! I imagine a fly in my apartment is like anyone who goes to see a Uwe Boll movie. Somehow you were tricked and now you just want to get the hell out!

So this got me pondering bugs…what’s their problem?

Then a few days later, Noah and I were on a walk and he wondered why gnats always fly around right at head-height. It’s annoying because when you’re running, you often get a mouth full of gnats. You’d think simple self preservation would keep them off of running paths.

While I’m on the subject of gnats, why do they always fly back and forth over one area over and over for an extended period of time? You can fly anywhere and you’re just going to hover above the ground…going no more than a foot in any direction? What’s the point of that?! That would be like if Superman just flew in random circles over a 3 block area of Metropolis.

“Hey Superman…you know you can fly anywhere you want right?”

“I know. But I prefer to just go back and forth over this tiny stretch of land.”

“Are you looking for something?”


“Are you preparing to get some food?”


“Then what’s the point?”

“I just like to be going nowhere but constantly wasting my energy flying”


And that’s where I left it. I suppose I thought I was going to come up with some big closer. Well, I had nothing then and I’ve got nothing now. But the March Blog Madness monster has been fed for the day.

I’m doin’ it!

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