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Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

March 12th, 2012 . by Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist)

This pointless post exists simply to let you all know how pointlessly long our list of site taglines has gotten.

The fact that they are randomly selected and don’t update when you reload the same page means you’ll probably be ready to kill yourself before you’ve seen them all.

Read on to waste about 90 seconds of your life…

In no particular order (Andy’s comments in italics):

  1. We Put the “Odd” In Podcast (the tagline that got Grammar Girl’s attention)
  2. Experts on Nothing, Opinions on Everything
  3. It could have been ANTcast, but Tim demands top billing…
  4. Two halves make one beautiful black whole… (Get it?)
  5. No one really wins at gay chicken.
  6. Where’s my nipple?
  7. Three guys, no cups…
  8. … then take walk in park.
  9. Are you a “couple” when there’s three of you?
  10. Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate: Pick your favorite!
  11. We’re not actually joined at the hips, we just like to stand this way.
  12. Somehow ECRUcast sounded too pretentious.
  13. Laid end-to-end, it would circle the Earth 1.35 E-7 times! (obscure Ars Technica reference)
  14. Not to be confused with tan cats.
  15. No, Mr. Plainview, it is WE who drink YOUR milkshake!
  16. Still has that “new blog” smell. (not anymore)
  17. (Not affiliated with George Hamilton)
  18. Going down in flames since 2008
  19. Validating the Validity
  20. Hot pizza can be a cruel mistress…
  21. Something to do while waiting for death’s sweet embrace.
  22. Ask your mom about us.
  23. Your damnation is upon you. (the original)
  24. A tiny boil on the ass of the Internet.
  25. 1 and 2/2 White Guys
  26. No harmful UV rays!
  27. Don’t laugh with us, laugh AT us!
  28. It’s like a radio show, but with no ads or guests or talent and you can only hear it on your computer.
  29. Sunlight is for suckers. Get your TAN online!
  30. Commentary without conscience or consequence (Tim is an under-appreciated wordsmith)
  31. Don’t waste your time… Let us do that for you!
  32. It’s harder than you might think to photoshop clothes onto naked women.
  33. Better than nothing.
  34. Podcasting both weekly and weakly.
  35. … or I’ll punch you in the face!
  36. We’ll Chimp Out on you!
  37. May Cause Anal Leakage
  38. Verbal Self-Gratification
  39. Capping off a year of crapping in your ear. (Has it been a year already?)
  40. Caution: Ids at Play
  41. Two Wrongs, One Right
  42. Halfy, Honky, Halfy
  43. Sword of Holy Fury
  44. Squirrel of Justice!
  45. Slightly less shitty than before (Lies!)
  46. A Long Road to Nowhere
  47. Aggressive Mediocrity
  48. Nerds Talk Dirty
  49. About an Hour of Bull$#!%
  50. It might not be worth it…

And joining them as of today:

Saving the world, one diarrhea joke at a time.

2 Responses to “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”

  1. NoahNo Gravatar Says:

    I don’t think I even knew about all of these. That was 90 seconds well spent.

  2. Grace (#1 Redheadeddisneyfreak)No Gravatar Says:

    lol @Noah I second that I even giggled at a few then I went to work!

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