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Raiders of the Lost TAN: The Blog – Part 2

October 19th, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 18:

Another one of the things lost from TANcast 171 was Noah sharing a funny video. So here is the video with some of the commentary from the guys…

TIM: Speaking of links, I remember distinctly that Noah had a link to share

NOAH: So, Tim has seen this but…

TIM: And I want to see it AGAIN!!!

NOAH: …but Andy has not. It’s a Black guy telling a racist story.


TIM: I love when the mom calls the teacher a “Jive-ass-mother-fucker.”

ANDY: Yes!

NOAH: Well, it was a while ago.

TIM: Well, he’s still he can’t be old enough…well I don’t know when this video was taken, but I assume he can’t be old enough to have been doing that in the early 70’s when people were still saying that.

NOAH: Some slang never dies.

TIM: We need to bring back “jive”

NOAH: Isn’t it “jive ass?” Or is the slang just “jive” and you add modifiers to it.

TIM: I believe so

ANDY: Yeah

TIM: “Jive turkey”

NOAH: Isn’t it “jive ass turkey?” Or is it just “jive turkey” I think ass always goes along with it.

TIM: I don’t think so

ANDY: It’s like “punk bitch” or “punk ass bitch.” You’re just adding modifiers

TIM: We need to call Grammar Girl in on this. In fact, I’m going to tweet her now.

ANDY: I love that he refers to him and all of his little classmates as “a bunch of little nigglets.”

NOAH: It’s funny because…that was from Reddit and apparently he doesn’t want that video up anymore. He’s like “I’m gonna try to find jobs later on in life and I don’t want that to effect me.” Unfortunately, he did not realize…or I’m sure he does realize…but once it’s there, especially if it’s good, it’s not going away.

TIM: I don’t see why someone wouldn’t hire him off the back of this…I mean except a racist, and then he probably wouldn’t want that job.

NOAH: Eh…I think it’s the fact he said “nigglets” he was just worried.

TIM: Oh….well…He’s allowed to say “nigglets.”

NOAH: Yeah we think so but companies are weird and they always look at it that way.

ANDY: I think I would be more likely to hire that guy having seen that.

TIM: Fuck yeah

ANDY: He seems like he’s fun to have around.

NOAH: He’s got some stories.

TIM: I was telling Noah…look at everybody else! They are fucking spellbound!

ANDY: …and dying!

TIM: YES! Like everything he says. Fucking that guy can tell a story. Not only is the content of the story funny, but just like the way…he is fucking holding court!


TIM: That’s impressive. He should get some spoken word work off that.

ANDY: True that.

TIM: Oh, you know what? If they changed the name of the video from “Nigglets Tricked Into Picking Cotton” to something else that’d be a good idea. Because he only says “nigglets” once and that’s certainly not what makes the video funny.

NOAH: Well, I don’t think he posted the video, I think someone else did.

TIM: Right, but I think if he can convince them to change the name, that ‘d be a good compromise as opposed to taking it down.

ANDY: And it seems to me that it was okay for him to say “nigglets,” but to title it that seems racist. Even though it’s an exact quote, it’s like putting that across the top of it, labeling that way sort of makes that word a little too…I don’t know…front and center. Maybe it’s just me.

TIM: It’s Just you!

NOAH: You, Douchey McGoo

While we were recording, Grammar Girl responded to my tweet and we actually had this interaction.

@TimBabbComedian How do you conjugate the 70’s slang “jive?” This sounds like a job for @GrammarGirl

@GrammarGirl Ha! jive/jives/jived/have jived

@TimBabbComedian You are awesome. My friend was wondering if you needed to have “ass” behind it (“Jive ass turkey” vs just “jive turkey”)

@GrammarGirl Well, you see, in that sentence, “jive” isn’t a verb. It’s an adjective.

@GrammarGirl I’m not sure about “ass.” You may want to check @jessesheidlower’s book “The F-Word” for comparisons. 😉

So there you go. Another lost peace found and perhaps Grammar Girl will read this and understand what prompted such a random Twitter conversation.

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