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High Five Songs From The Album “Michael”

October 1st, 2011 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Day 1:

Since I’m clearly ripping off Michael Jackson’s Thriller video for the visuals of “Blogtober,” I thought that the first blog should be a salute to the gloved one. I wanted to do a High Five list of his songs…but I had too many favorites to narrow it down to five. So I decided to pick one album…specifically “Michael,” the posthumous album released last year. Now, the album only has 10 tracks, so every track had a 50/50 shot of making the list. But as you’ll see (and hear) these songs are surprisingly good. Even some of the tracks that didn’t make the list are pretty awesome. “Michael” was a wonderful album. With that, let’s start the High Five…

5) Behind the Mask

At first I wasn’t really feeling this song so much. But then it got to that “disco” sounding chorus. YES! That is a fun jam. When you watch the video, take a close look at 3:39…there’s a dude wearing a Captain EO shirt, but they blurred it out.

4) Much Too Soon

This is a slow, simple song. I’m not usually as big a fan of Micheal’s ballads, but this one really works for me. Apparently it was recorded for the Thriller album. That explains it. That album keeps on giving.

3) (I Like) The Way You Love Me

This one really got caught in my head. Something about the hook is so catchy. I found myself singing along on the first listen. I also like the start where you hear a little of Micheal’s process. But is it me or do the drums not match his “drums?” Still good.

2) (I Can’t Make It) Another Day (Featuring Lenny Kravitz)

I actually heard this when it was “leaked” before Michael even died. I have to say it didn’t catch me. I dunno if they did more work to it but I really like the album version. It’s got smooth verses and a rock out with your king of pop out chorus. Everything I’m looking for.

1) Hold My Hand

No surprise here. I’ve been in love with his song since before the album even came out. Great melody and Akon makes a great duet partner for Michael. The tone of the lyrics is a little dark though…

“The nights are getting darker,
And there’s no peace in sight.”

Seems a little gloomy from a guy who was singing about the man in the mirror a few years ago. Did he somehow lose all hope in humanity? Oh wait…yeah…I guess he had a rough go of it towards the end. Fair enough.

So not a lot of comedy in this first blog, but I got to show MJ some love. So if you liked these songs I recommend picking up the album. It’s got more good stuff on it.

Hee hee hee!!!

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