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Bus Stop FAIL!

June 1st, 2009 . by Noah


There is a Park and Ride on my way to work that I have started to use to save money, be green etc. For those that don’t know, a Park and Ride is a parking lot that is located along a major bus route usually. I found out today that they are expanding the parking lot and it was supposed to open today. The plan was that they expand the Park and Ride lot and then move the bus stop from the road next to the lot, to inside the parking lot. Making it nice and convenient for passangers. There was just one snag in their master plan. The buses don’t fit into the parking lot. At least that is what I heard a passanger say, I didn’t fact check.

If this is true, that is such a massive. It is not like one guy fucked up, a whole group of people fucked up. Someone had to draw up the plans, someone had to sign off on the plans, the plans had to be presented and approve I am sure,  someone who builds things on a regular basis had to look at them at start the building process. I am not sure how bad it is, maybe the diffrence of one inch made it impossible for the buses to get through but damn, I am sure this is costing someone a lot of money.

I did a quick google search and the parking lot addition cost 8.3 million.


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