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We know you are sick…

February 27th, 2009 . by Andy (TANcast's #1 Ear-Rapist)

… but how sick are you?

As promised in the last TANcast, I have here for your viewing pleasure a funny little video from CollegeHumor about the one kind of porn you can’t find online.  The video is funny, but the real treat is playing a “Where’s Waldo?” -esque game of trying to spot all the porn references the song makes.

Lets call this version “Where’s Dildo?”

Wear your sicko badge (or badger, you twisted freak) with honor and leave a comment on how many you picked out.  I’ll say this much: I think I caught enough that I should be worried.  The Internet is for Porn, as they say, but I may have spent too much time jacked in.

I’ve hidden the video after the break so that you have to click through.  Be forewarned: it is not graphic, but it is suggestive enough to be NSFW.

7 Responses to “We know you are sick…”

  1. Morris Says:

    Wow….im so glad I cannot cite to many of those.

  2. Jess (Jess' #1 Fan) Says:

    I don’t think I want to mention how many of those I recognize…..let’s just say, way too much!

    Good find Andy!

  3. Tim (TANcasts #1 Host/Editor Fan) Says:

    I only recognized 4 of them and 2 girls 1 cup should hardly count and tons of people have heard of it.

    Andy is a filthy, filthy man

  4. Alissa (TANcast's #1 Female Fan) Says:

    Yea, 2 girls 1 cup is the only one I recognize… Being a female…and a Mormon one at that, probably has a lot to do with those results tho.

  5. Mike (TANcast's #1 Fan) Says:

    I’m afraid. You never realize how fucked up you are without help. Thanks for helping Andy. I stopped counting after…. around 5 or 6. Thanks a lot….

  6. Jess (Jess' #1 Fan) Says:

    I think it’s amazing that at least one Mormon has seen 2 girls 1 cup.

    Alissa: Don’t they kick you out of the Mormon club for that? I can’t see them approving of it!

  7. Alissa (TANcast's #1 Female Fan) Says:

    And how would they even know, hm? It’s not like I bought a t-shirt or anything.

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