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Sorry to keep you all in suspense

August 18th, 2008 . by Noah

I got my Something, weeks ago but I was too lazy to post pics and write about it. I got a Crack-a-Head. Not too bad but not something I am totally excited about. I would give the Somethingstore another shot. The last two photos are about a month after I got it.

6 Responses to “Sorry to keep you all in suspense”

  1. Jo Says:

    Glad you got something. Are you sure you want your address on here though? You may receive weird post!

  2. Jo Says:

    I must have caught it mid post as you’ve removed the unopened box pic! Good job!! Pity I’m too poor and lazy (and normal) to fly over and stalk you! Pretty cool ‘something’ though 😀

  3. Andy Says:

    Jo, Noah is a sexy, sexy man. No need to fly over: I already stalk him enough for the both of us.

  4. Noah Says:

    Actually Jo, I saw your comment and deleted that pic. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Geoff Says:

    Whoever wants to stalk Noah, just let me know. I will give you his address… for a small fee, of course.

  6. Alissa Says:

    My mom has one of those things! Cept…without the face…so I guess it’s not the same. But yea, she bought an egg with a plant in it. But I forgot to water it when my parents were on vacation…so it died. At least I didn’t kill the dogs.

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