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October 6th, 2009 . by Tim Babb (TANcast's #1 Host/Editor Fan)

Behold a recent comment the TANcast podcast received that is chock-full of WIN…

I have been working a 5PM to 1AM shift at work as a temporary measure. Only 2 people in a 20,000 square foot building so it can get a bit quiet . Found your podcast on podcast alley and have been downloading it ever since. The job involves testing large amounts of PC boards and can get repetative, so listening to you guys helps keep me awake . Some of your twisted humor and comments just gets me to laughting out loud, but nobody is there to hear me. Since I started night shift, I have started to fart a lot more at work. ( due to diffrences in diet and just becasue I can) Now I can feel free to walk down the halls just tooting away whenever I feel the need. If you are able to really let one go without any holding back they really can have nice tones and echo a long way in an empty building. Guess when I have to go back to day shift my newfound farting freedoms will have to be curtailed a bit. That and the barking noises I make when I am letting my coworker know that its breaktime. Well…bye for now”

I don’t know which of you went to Podcast Alley and left this comment, but it (and you) ROCK!!!

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